Reopen schools for JHS, SHS- Recruit more teachers, have four SHS sections – EduWatch

Reopen school for JHS and SHS

EduWatch, an education advocacy organization has suggested to theGES and MoE to reopen schools for JHS and SHS (onlyfinal year) students preparing for theirBECEandWASSCE2020 who arecurrentlyin JHS 3 andSHS3.

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Other suggestions the think tank have made include

1. Reopening schools for thefinalyear students in July – August so that they can sit for theirfinalexaminations. I however suggested that thisshould bedone in consultation with theWAECto get the needed timetablesfor both examinations.

2. TheJHS3-SHS3reopeningshould beused as a pilot project to guide the reopening of all schools in the future.

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3. Provide N95 nose masks for students since they will have to wear for four hours continuously and required good ventilation to breathe well.

4.EduWatch said there was the need to create two batches of students in basic schools for morning and afternoon sessions. Morning, it saidshould befrom 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 am. and then afternoon from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

5. At the senior high school level, it said green and gold tracksshould bedivided into two witheach ofthe four batches of students attending school for 40 days at a time.

6. That, it said, would have classes to amaximumof 30 students per class.

7. It urged the government to recruit more teachers to support the 320 days of constant teaching at theSHSand JHS levels.

Would the GES buy into this reopen schools for JHS and SHS idea?

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