4 thoughts on “Ghana to write 2020 WASSCE ahead of other WAEC countries if … -Min. of Education

    1. I think the registration for Nov Dec should be extended, since most of us used our money for basic necessity such as food in this pandemic.

  1. I think the MOE should consider providing massive nose masks for schools ahead of any planned reopening of schools. Since government has a fair idea of student and staff numbers in schools, especially public schools. I am suggesting that, in order not to excessively create distortion in the academic calender, government could consider allowing ONLY final year students in the tertiary schools, Senior High Schools, and JHS students to get back to school so as to have ALL facilities utilised by ONLY these final year students to ensure Socal distancing. In this way, there can be room to use the subsequent holidays in a reduced holiday manner for continuing students to cover up what they would have lost during this pandemic. I suggest this could help in reducing the difficulties.

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