VIDEO: Kennedy Agyepong “Destroys” Obinim and other fake pastoral businesses

Kennedy Agyepong "Destroys" Obinim and other fake pastoral businesses

Hon. Kennedy Agyepong has in his latest interview on The Seat program on Net2 challenged Ghanaians to open their minds to truth and run away from the brainwashing tricks of fake pastors. 

According to him, individuals like Angel Obinim who are parading themselves as men of God are nothing but fake pastors. During the show, he put on display several objects of worship including oils, creams, and candles sold and used by these fake pastors.

He asked if these so-called men of God were sure God will use such things for the well-being of his children? The lawmaker and businessman could not comprehend why Ghanaian women especially allow such persons to deceive them. In one instance, a Church by name Jericho Miracle Church International had bought and re-branded Veneer water with his congregation’s name. The product is believed to be miracle water for healing purposes.  

The lawmaker whose intention is to openly disgrace fake men of God, educate the citizens, and help them obtain their liberty from such crooks added that any pastor who gives certain directions called Akwankyere is fake. 

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He admonished Ghanaians to seek God’s face in prayer. He challenged small business owners to pray over their businesses and not run to fake pastors for help.

He shared a story of how he prayed and a friend’s brother woke up from coma to the extent of walking. 
“There is God in everybody, if you don’t abuse the power of God in you, you will do miracles.” He said.
Obinim is Fake he added.

Why didn’t Obinim pray for himself when he got pressure? He quizzed. Why not save the money you give to pastors and use it to pay your ward’s fees? 


Watch  the full interview


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