Renaming existing institutions, will Ghana be renamed soon?

Renaming existing institutions in Ghana has increased under the current government. This makes me ask, will Ghana be renamed soon? This is Ghana where our supposed highly educated leaders are masters of making backward and shallow decisions. Our leaders make it seem like the decisions are to our favour but they are not. Like synthetic products, they have shiny and attractive appearance but once acquired it fails to stand the test of time, so are the decisions made by our cunningly wise leaders.

The intention of these leaders towards these decisions are to arouse the interest of the masses and keep them loyal but it’s never to make this country any better. These can be classified as deceptive, one of such is the frequent naming ceremonies going on in this country.

Growing in the southernmost part of the country, Tuesdays were resting days for the fisher folks and also doubles as the day for naming their babies in a grand ceremony. Most of these folks spend an awful lot on the ceremony yet pay less attention to the upbringing of the child. One will think that these parents love their child hence the lavish naming ceremony but no, the ceremony was just an opportunity for the parents and their friends to have a party.

These fathers are irresponsible and before long the effect of their irresponsibility begin show, that is, the child manages to find his or her way and if he or she is able to earn a living, he or she fails to take care of the parents and the cycle continues.
We are observing a similar situation at the national level, our leaders are not investing into the future of our nation, and they are only interested in developing projects that will last a few years after their tenure. Instead of investing money into developing quality projects, they spend money to rename already existing projects. The money spent is not to even renovate those old projects but it is only spent on the renaming ceremony, we do not observe most of these renaming ceremonies yet we are told how much money was used in doing almost nothing. At a point in time I thought renaming a project actually adds value to that project, these renaming left me thinking that the old names were the cause of our bad economy.

It is a fruitless initiative, this is because we have failed as a country to make these old projects better by investing money and time, all because the incumbent feels like he is sitting on a time bomb which will explode on the day of election if he doesn’t cause things to come into existence within the shortest possible time. The name change is brilliant it shows that we are ready to move at the speed of the advanced world, but our supposed highly educated leaders must know that the advanced countries didn’t just rename, they developed. They put measures in place to make sure that the names they gave to their projects match up to the infrastructure. And some of these leaders claimed they studied abroad, and others have their wards schooling there too, so is this sabotage or pure ignorance?

Polytechnics were changed to technical universities without overhauling their systems and structures to match up with the demands of a university. Teacher training colleges were changed to colleges of education, which will now offer a four-year degree course and their system and structures are exactly the same. New initiatives are expected to be achieved in the old system which was challenged, the old system that was not working properly. This clearly tells us the kind of people we have leading us. We don’t need just name changes, we need updates of the old systems.

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