Bono East NPP Regional Elections: David Boakye picks nomination forms


In the early mornings of 26th April 2019, the principal streets of Techiman, the BONO EAST regional capital, was painted with the colours of the New Patriotic Party. A large crowd of young men and women had gathered in solidarity of MR. DAVID BOAKYE who was ready to pick up his nomination forms to contest for the NPP BONO EAST REGIONAL Secretary position.

The point of focus was the BONO east regional office of the New Patriotic Party, where the energised party faithful and delegates were gathered. Most of them were chanting the name of the young affable leader(David Boakye). Drummers and dancers displayed the usual “Jama” whilst others are calmly seated waiting for David’s arrival.

A fleet of cars of well-wishers, which had images of Mr. David Boakye covered on their backs were paraded in front of the NPP constituency chairman’s house and were ready to match the young leader to pick up nomination form.

The process was led by the Techiman South NPP Chairman Mr Peter Adom ( Chairman Abochi), The 2nd Vice Chairman Mr Benjamin Gyarko, The Constituency Secretary Mr Richard Asamoah and the entire executive body of Techiman South and other Constituencies.

Even though he was supposed to submit the nominations on the same day, the endorsees who were also delegates, were ready to wait to validate his forms regardless of the scorching sun.

To many of the delegates, they are doing so to send a strong signal to the opponents of Mr David Boakye.

“We will make sure we reward hard work, we are not going until David is done with all documentation and submit his forms on time, we are strongly behind him,” said a delegate.

In a media briefing, Mr David Boakye said, ” I am much enthused with the support you have given me from day one, I plead we translate this energy into the polls.

We should not be complacent until the last ballot paper is counted”.
The David you have described as hardworking, affable, humble and a good leader is the same today and will remain the same after elections. In short, I want to say, I will never let you down after the elections. For now, let us eliminate all the Goliath with our thumbs come 18th of May” he added.

The cheering crowd, who looked on as the young leader spoke kept chanting

“Oseeey David” ”
” Yenim wo dada”
“Yetare wakyi”

Which literally means

“That is David”

“We know you already”

“We are behind you”


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