Press Release:  Leave Chairman Kow Ewusi Alone, (CCSACR) cries

Press Release:  Leave Chairman Kow Ewusi Alone:

The Coalition of Concerned Sympathizers Across  Central Region (CCSACR), a youth group and sympathizers of NPP at the grassroots level across the length and breadth of Central Region, have noticed with disdain, an attempt by some unscrupuluos persons within the party hiding behind one unscrupulous petitioner to unscrupolously tarnish the hard won reputation of our cherished Regional 1st Vice Chairman HORACE KOW EWUSI.

We have noticed with shock how these group of people are bent on further tarnishing the image of our party in the region by running down the towering reputation of our Vice Chairman.

We are further saddened by the support this so-called petitioner has gained within the region in our party circles to the point that parts of the nomination forms of our Vice Chairman which contain his private information has been leaked to this petitioner to facilitate the destruction of our Vice Chairman.

We, the Coalition of Concerned  Sympathizers Across Central Region (CCSACR) see hope in our Vice Chairman.

He has served as a source of inspiration to the teeming Youths across the region.

Chairman Ekow EWUSI has been a pillar within the region and one of the few who genuinely has given us Hope,  and rekindled our spirits towards working hard to ensuring our victory in 2020.

The Coalition of Concerned Supporters Across Central Region (CCSACR)   wish to serve notice to the people behind this petitioner to desist from trying to push the Chairman out of our party.

We also surmise that,this is a calculated attempt by some party bigwigs to get rid of him as the Director of operations of the IMCIM.


Any attempt by these people to furnish this petitioner with private information about our chairman would be resisted.

We are willing to go all lengths to expose anyone who supports this so called petitioner.

We leave such people with a few questions and observations:

What exactly does this people want from Chairman EWUSI?

Why is the region entertaining a petition that has not been addressed to them?

Who keeps the nominations forms of regional officers?

Our understanding is the 2018 Regional Elections Committee had the following personalities as members:

Hon. Kojo Asemanyi ( MP,  GOMOA East)

Hon. K. K Essuman (DCE,  Mfantsiman West)

Hon. Aba Hagan (DCE,   AKK)

Honorables, we have a few questions for you:

Whom did you hand over the documents of aspirants to?

Why are vital information of our chairman being leaked from your outfit to a petitioner?

What does any of you stand to gain by doing this?

To the regional Chairman,  we also ask questions, we know your Vice chairman has been supporting you to run the region,  what do you seek to gain by sending this bogus petition to the Ministry of Science and Environment?

What do you seek to gain by sending this same bogus petition to the NPP National Council?

We are humbly appealing to you to desist from any attempt to get your vice Chairman out of the region.

EKow EWUSI is our saviour in the region.

His achievements and contributions to ensuring hope for the teeming youths of our party transcends his constituency.

  1. Sixty cars for the youths of the region to be used for taxi is unprecedented,
  2. Ten buses to be used for Trotro to raise resources for the beneficiary constituencies is unprecedented,
  3. Twenty three laptops to help Communication Officers to propagate the achievements of the NPP government is Unprecedented.
  4. Twenty Three motor bikes for the Constituency Communication Officers to help with their communication within the region is unprecedented.
  5. Twenty Three motor bikes for the Constituency Youth Organizers across the region to help with party work is unprecedented.
  6. A pick up to the Regional Nassara Coordinator to help with mobilization of votes within the zongos of our region is also unprecedented.
  7. Renovation of School Buildings across the Country.
  8. Provision of over 10,000 dual desks for distribution to Schools across the country.

Mr.  Regional Chairman,  your Vice Chairman is obviously there to augment your effort,why are you not doing everything to help him out but seen publicly aiding this petitioner to rundown your own Vice Chairman?


*woe to the Shepherd who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture,  declares the Lord*

Therefore,  this is what the Lord, our God of Israel,  says to these Sherpherds

“Instead of Caring for my Flock and Leading them to Safety,  you have deserted them to destruction. Now I will pour out judgement on you for the evil you have done to them”

The above quote is what we the Concerned Youths of Central Region leaves anyone who is involved behind the scene in this bogus petition against our Vice Chairman

And to you Chairman Kow Ewusi,

We have this bible verse to comfort your soul:

Jeremiah 23:3-4

Then I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all the Countries where I have driven them. I will bring them back to their fold,  and they shall be fruitful and multiply.

I will set shepherds over them who will care for them,  and they shall fear no more,  nor be dismayed,  neither shall any be missing,  declares the Lord.

We affirm our support to you this morning, and wish to serve notice within the party that anyone who is behind this petition shall not be spared.

We declare today,  our unflinching support for our Chairman Kow EWUSI.


Thank you.


The Coalition of Concerned Supporters Across Central Region (CCSACR) is a pool of party Youths from the grassroots level across Central Region).



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