A-Plus calls Hon. Asamoah Boateng evil: Find out why?

Hon. Asamoah Boateng, a member of the governing New Patriotic Party has been stripped naked by the musician turned politician and social justice seeker A Plus.

A Plus described him as an evil uncompleted idiot who is trying to reap where he has not sown following the government appointee’s decision to claim a parcel of land A Plus says he has no title to.

Aplus shared pictures of a building under construction which has been pulled down. Attached to the heartbreaking pictures of investments that had gone down the drain as a result of the demolishing exercise, was the information below.

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After everything that you have, you are fighting over a piece of land with a young man who is hustling in the cold. You don’t have a title to the land yet you went and demolish the property. You asked this man to come and see you when you were in America so that you talk and settle the case amicably.

This young man left his job and drove about four hours from Dallas all the way to Houston. He got there hours before time but Asabee told him that he was on his way to catch a flight to London.

You want people in the diaspora to vote for the NPP in 2020 but this is what you are doing to them with the power they gave you in 2016. Do you know what it takes to make $30.000.00 in America?

Asabee is evil!!! We will not leave this matter until the young man finds justice.

And you have some stupid young people who support this Asabee guy. Ah!!!

In addition to this message were a series of leaked conversations between the two which were also made public. Below are the conversations. We leave you to make your own judgment.

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