Practicing of art learnt or a deliberate attempt to strengthen the love bond?

It was a Sunday, during the late afternoon hours, as I paused momentarily from my cooking chore to spy on my playing boys, this beautiful but rather unusual scene from where I had come from as a Ghanaian caught my eye. A husband in his mid forties sat comfortably as his middle aged wife, gave him a pretty haircut.

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As I stood there in a sheepish gaze, I asked myself many rhetorical questions in a lovingly amazing awe, which included this one that became the title of the writing “is this woman practicing an art learned in school or it is a deliberate attempt by the couple to strengthen their love bond?”

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Because I couldn’t ask them directly as they spoke only native Chinese and Japanese and my basic Japanese and native English couldn’t get me the drum full  of explanation I desired from them, I kept soliloquizing and concluded as such;

Should it be an art taught in school ; as it is usually done in my home country Ghana with the teaching of catering, sewing, bead making and batik tye dye as part of vocational skills in basic schools then it must have been taught so well to have had a woman of this age (more than 20 years of completing basic school) still having the interest and the cutting edge skill of trying it on a man she holds dear.

Arguably, if it wasn’t taught in school and she learned it on her own, then that must be a great achievement for her.

Whereas if it was a deliberate attempt to strengthen the love bond openly, I will give them a standing ovation for this action, since back home in Ghana, couples do not often demonstrate this openly kind of love except wearing same kind of print to church on Sundays.

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Well you could disagree with me on this but I insist it is true, because it it wasn’t so and the love between couples was exhibited and strengthened this way in broad daylight to all prying eyes like mine on that day, the business of “side chicks”, “side guys” and side “guinea fowls” would have collapsed ab initio; and even should the ‘god of adultery’ be too powerful to prevent a collapse of the “side” businesses, these men and women wouldn’t have had the guts to openly confer such titles on themselves and sometimes haughtily sending warnings to legally married husbands and wives to keep their spouses under control or else???…

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Admittedly, regardless of which of the reasons will be the brain behind this act, it is no falsehood that the action teaches some lessons as follows;

1. The art of sewing, bead making and catering taught in our Ghanaian basic schools should be done with passion and finesse so it can be grasped well for one to live with forever; not the kind that will only make students mention verbally, loop and tacking as some names of stitches, yet cannot thread a needle or even differentiate conspicuous seam from an inconspicuous one after completing basic school.

2. The GES could include other arts too: as haircutting, plumbing, baking, carpentry, welding etc. However not as definite courses because there is already a lot to study but as components of LIFE SKILLS (a subject that has seen the grave) so people can deal with their everyday situations on their own if possible, without necessarily always running to the expert.

3. The bond of love could be strengthened in any other way, not only the obvious;  as this wife has learned, husbands can also learn the skill of braiding women hair stylishly, so once in a festive occasion of love, the wife doesn’t queue at the saloon with everyone else but gets the makeover look done in the comfort of her home and in the bosom of the one she holds dear.

I hope the lesson is exoteric enough.

(I AM THE GHANAIAN villager that came to Japan)



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