Absentee and Unproductive teachers to be punished

Absentee and Unproductive teachers of public schools in Ghana are to brace themselves up and perform their duties as required of them, ensure that they report to school regularly and on time to avoid any form of delayed and reduction in their salaries.

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Anything short of this will lead to their salaries been delayed pending the necessary investigations by government to ensure that, the right thing is done by those employed and entrusted with the education and training of pupils in public schools.

This was contained in information spotted by NewsGhana24.com Below are the full details after GOG Pay Voucher Validators were Sensitized.

The validators of the Government of Ghana (GOG)) pay voucher are entreated to validate for full pay for only the workers at post throughout the month.

Workers who have the habit of frequent absenteeism, lateness to work or closing before time and intentionally shirking responsibility at work, must not receive full pay as their counterparts. “Validate such workers under; with issues and keep the record of their misdemeanor.”

Validators are to use the time book and other supervisory documents in validating so as to ensure that government pays workers according to their output.

Henceforth all the links on the pay voucher platform , describing the output and the conduct of a worker must be used and judiciously .

To ensure that this is in place, a team will be visiting all work places to have the first hand information from the time book and all other necessary documents for cross checking on every worker.

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In case of any mess , the validator in question would be made to lose their salary for a number of months whilst the workers in such issues are given appropriate sanctions including deducting the amounts from their salaries at source.

Let’s ensure that everyone is paid according to his output and dedication.

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