Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

26 thoughts on “NTC Opens Registration for All In-Service Teachers

  1. pls i want to know my email address and password i used during the first data collection 2019.
    this is my telephone number 0242242444

  2. Please l want to know my email address and password l used during the first data collection in 2019.
    This is my telephone number: 0543067416

  3. Please I want to know my email address and password I used during my first data update please. Thanks0243031798

  4. Please, I have forgotten of my password I used for the first registration. Kindly assist me with it.

  5. Pls any time i tried to register, when I submit the message that comes is you have a duplicate email address or phone number. Kindly help me. Thank you

  6. Please l have forgotten my password l used for the first registration,could you please help me with it.

  7. Please,check your system. when i login i am told duplication of email. when i go to register too the same response.

  8. Have applied for teacher registered number on 10th February 2021 and uptil now have not received any massage

  9. am trying to log to register as in-service teacher but facing challenges. i receive ” error occurred” and can not log in

  10. I have for get my email address and my password please help me to get back. This is my contact 0547827681

  11. My account is 100% and still pending activation since April 2021. Please what could have delayed my account activation code?

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