Nana Addo’s Govt Creating Scandal Traffic Jams in our minds – #JohnMahamaLive

Commenters during the #JohnMahamaLive were rather weird with their requests, questions, and comments with the choice of words and the sarcastic nature they tool. One asked John Dramini Mahama to do Ghanaians a favour by building more prisons for us !!. He said, ” Some of us need to be jail 😂😂😂!!”

Another sarcastic request was about the scandals that continue to rock the seating government with the latest being the PPA boss who was exposed to the skin by Mannaseh Azuri in the #Donkomi investigative video.

He said “Please tell Nana Addo that we beg him he should let us finish discussing one scandal before he produces another, he is creating traffic in our minds,” Another said “#JM We NPP have started to love you now. You are too accessible to Ghanaians. Keep it up. Ghanaians can’t even get access to this My NPP government.”

Over 3,500 Ghanaians watched the live Facebook interaction between John Dramani Mahama and the masses and some 2200 shares of the live meeting with the people online was shared while the program was live from 5 pm to 6 pm today.

During the #JohnMahamaLive interaction, Newsghana24 followed keenly and has sampled the aspirations, expectations, and views of the masses on Facebook.

Someone said: Jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs! A working citizen is relatively happy and okay and not so much a burden on society!!

Is this an indication of the reality on the ground that, there are many more who need jobs that are decent and rewarding? The government has created a lot of jobs through the NABCO and the YEA yet people are still complaining.

Some other people who watched the #JohnMahamaLive interaction were of the view that there were many projects of the Mahama led government which have been stopped or are at a standstill. They were of the view that if completed may help create jobs.

One commenter ask candidate John Mahama to promise he will work on them if voted into power come 2020.

Many were of the view that former President Mahama and now flag bearer for the NDC for the 2020 election has a great opportunity to win the elections come 2020.

Many who were still not convinced about what John Mahama has to offer this time asked him to let us (Ghanaians) what he is bringing to the table this time around.

“Please come and save us. The insecurity and lawlessness under the NPP administration is making us unsafe” is one of the comments about security in Ghana. Some held the view that. Mahama was Ghana’s last hope.

Corruption questions surfaced during the questioning session and one of them was 
Sir, please what would you do to prevent corruption in your next government…. You’re not corrupt but your boys are…..what the measures put in place to curb this.

Words of encouragement and advice to Mahama by Ghanaians Encourage technical education and empower the media almost gave sleepless nights on everything, now there is corruption everywhere but these same media are quite. Are u happy about it?

#JohnMahamaLive what different strategy are you going to you to fight corruption since Ghanaians were not impressed with your previous strategy hence voted against you.

On the day there were comments that showed love for the former president, one of such comments was “I miss you my president, can’t wait for you to come back come 2020.”

The NPP government was not left out of the comments and questions during the live session.

Some sampled comments include:
“Nana and the NPP will soon follow suit, mark my words…. do you remember the JoyNews #DearNanaAddo…. let’s watch it..”

“Please tell Nana Addo that we beg him he should let us finish discussing one scandal before he produces another he is creating traffic in our minds”

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