#JohnMahamaLive: 25 hard questions from Ghanaians to John Mahama

Below are 25 hard questions Ghanaians asked John Mahamaduring his first #JohnMahamaLive session that had over 3.5k viewers watching live and over 2.2k shares while he was live from 5 pm to 6pm. If you missed, read the questions below which have not been edited.

  1. What are you gonna do with regards to Nursing and teacher training allowances taking cognizant of the epileptic restoration we are seeing today?
  2. Please what do you do about new training teachers licensure and their posting, please
  3. Sir i went to know what you will do when you come to power on 2021
  4. What is your take on a rumour and speculation that we are going to use the Ghana Card for election 2020 ?
  5. Mr. President how do you feel about the sitting president and his vice not giving you credit for the things you’ve done in the past?
  6. H.E. Please can you tell us what you think did wrong during your tenure in office, people keep saying that you are corrupt, do you have a reason why people think that way about you?
  7. Mr. Mahama pls can you tell us one unique social intervention which you would introduce to Ghana that will benefit every citizen in this country in case you have the opportunity again?
  8. How differently are you going solve corruption in your tenure,and can you work with the OSP #JOHNMAHAMA
  9. Mr. President, what do turn to do about kidnapping issues in the country when voted for again?
  10. Ex President since 1996 you have seek political positions why don’t you still want to come back?
  11. Daddy what’s on stance on menzgold and current happening to NAM 1?
  12. MrPredident will you admits you were misled into cancelling allowances of colleges of education ? If not give explain two key reasons for that move….
  13. Please Mr President, your communication outfit needs to be strengthened to meet the exigencies of the time?
  14. #Johnmahamalive Sir! How do you feel when it feels like you still the president considering how much your name is mentioned in everything that happens today?
  15. Please can u talk on family and friends government?
  16. Mr president, what will do about the issue CRM. I deal with LPG?
  17. Your Excellency, whats your view on the PDS Deal? And what would you have done if it had happened during your time?
  18. Please will you ensure the passage and implementation of the health and safety bill in act?
  19. Mr president what measures did you put in place with regards to DKM , GOD is LOVE , JASTA and CARE for HUMANITY what’s the way forward in your next office.
  20. Mr next president of Ghana , please what is your stake on the Ghana card and the challenges so far?
  21. #JohnMahamaLive your Excellency what is your take on the vigilantism in this country.
  22. Please as a Muslim what will be there for us in funding our business and pay back according to Islamic laws.
  23. I want to know how your take on TVET in Ghana
  24. Ex prez Mahama what is your alternatives to free SHS, 1V1D, nurses & teacher training allowances.
  25. What is ur take on the new Curriculum for basic schools?

Source: NewsGhana24.com

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