MTN mobile money fraudsters new scamming strategies ahead of Christmas

MTN mobile money fraudsters new scamming strategies ahead of Christmas is already operational. They are aiming at getting as much details about your Momo Account as possible.

In recent times Momo fraudsters call their targets and speak very good english, this make make it difficult for many unsuspecting Ghanaians to fall for the new trick.

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In the past, they spoke Twi and were very impatient with you if they realized you have noticed they are fraudsters.

This time round,they speak fluent English and they are very nice when they call you.

They tell you there is the need for you to safeguard your mobile money account and protect it from being hacked.

MTN mobile money fraudsters

They go ahead to tell you your name of the mobile money sim. This is where the trick begins. The fact is, any one who attempts to send you mobile money can tell your name before completing the process. Hence they check your number and find out if you have registered for Momo even before they call you.

Previously they send 419 Momo messages to their targets even if the person is not a registered Momo user.

MTNMobile Money Fraudsters during the chat with you, will ask you to confirm your phone number, then your date of birth, age, when you registered the account and your last password.

Clearly, you must be smart and know that, you are giving out vital personal information which they can use to hack your Momo account.

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MTNwould not call you to confirm these details, however, if you want to confirm the details, it is better you walk to the nearestMTNoffice and speak to the officers.

In the last two weeks,several people have received such calls at least twice. The festive season is fast approaching,MTNMobile Money Fraudsters are upping their game and so you and I must also be extra vigilant.

Do not give out your vital information to anyone who calls you to tell you, they are calling fromMTN and that, they are conducting a research, assessing the safety of your Momo account or they are calling to help you improve the security of your Mobile money wallet.

Do not ever panic or beleive them if they tell you, your SIM will be blocked if you do not update the records. It is alie, in response tell them you will go to the MTN office to do any needed update and that, MTN has no advert requesting people to update.

MTN must do it best to protect customers, if they have any particular numbers they use for calling customers, they must make those numbers available to the general public through adverts. This way, customers will get used to these numbers and ignore any attempt by MTN Mobile Money Fraudsters to steal our personal details to use against us.

Stay safe, make life uncomfortable for the MTN Mobile Money Fraudsters. It starts with me, you are next to share the vital information to safeguard everyone of us.

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