A-Plus orchestrates the downfall of NDC and NPP in 2020 Election

A-Plus orchestrates the downfall of NDC and NPP in 2020 Election with confidence. In a live facebook post, the vociferous activist of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame Asare Obeng otherwise known as A Plus said, 2020 will see the ordinary people in power. “Me, what I want to do in this life is that I want to reduce the power of NDC and NPP in this country, I want to give power to the ordinary people. We are bringing the ordinary people to power in 2020” he said.

He called on all to come together to form a big bloc , which will force the election into a second run and compel the NDC’s and NPP’s to come to form a coalition.

In the same live facebook video, A plus revealed that MPs Deceive electorates to win power and this must change

This way, the youth will be in power without a party but their agreement at the time of forming the coalition would have to be put in the hands of the National Development Authority to develop a 20 year plan for the nation. They #TPP will put its person in charge of the National Development Commission. To ensure we are developing a 20 year development plan for the nation. This must educate the people, how they think. Teaching and learning must be in clean environments and this must teach children sanitation. This will help develop the human being.

2 million coalition members can win an election for any party that comes into agreement

The colaition if formed will among other things request that the currency and denominations in circulation must be used for at least 20 years. He said, politicians have diabolic minds and so they are always changing the notes. He said, the financial commitments as a result of new notes and designs can be used for other infrastructural developments.

A plus revealed he wantsto reduce the power of NDC and NPP – A-Plus so as to give the power of goverance to the ordinary people.

According to him, even changing the location of seat of government from one location to another leads to the creation of new letter heads at the expense of the tax payers money.

He said, he and his followers are looking for a better Ghana agenda that has a 20 years development plan. This plan must be converted into a law, which becomes a development plan for all politicians to follow. According to the activist, Government losses 25 million dollars yearly according to the auditor general. This funds can be put into good use if the right things are done by those in power.

A Plus said Ghana must develop and her development must go beyoud the personal interest and hatred mongering. He aslo refuted the belief held by some people that, NPP is better than NDC. To him that is a fallacy becuase both parties are the same. He also touched on the rot in the scholarship secretariat where people are awarded based on who they know.

A Plus was emphatic that, the #TPP is growing so strong as the group is launching an app that will help bring all members onto one big platform. He bashed the NPP and NDC for failing to manage the economy properly as they only blame each other instead of fixing problems.

Plus is of the view that everyone who believed NANA Addo during the election campaign is disappointment in Nana and NPP government. He said the youth are disappointed in the two big parties.

According to him, the TPP would also sign an agreement with the political parties to ensure that, in case an incumbent looses an election, the party that takes over, must continue the development projects left uncompleted. This bad way of doing things has not helped the country.

He called for the movement of the IEA to the independent square so that all Ghanaians can be part. He said the #TPP must decide who wins the 2020 election.

We wants to end ex-Gracia because the police, military, and others earn ex-Gracia or their retirement benefits once in a life but politicians earn it every four years. He complained of the indiscipline and arrogance of politicians in Ghana

A strong grass root group like the #TPP will help make the politicians think properly.

Our democracy is dear to us; we will do nothing to destroy it. We are only doing things that will make this nation progress in the right direction. He added that, we are not forward thinking as a nation because even today, Ghanaians keep queuing today to visit public toilet.

He said, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah gained independence for Ghana at a time when there was no internet, radio facebook, Whatsapp, and all the powerful telecommunication systems. If we today cannot achieve our goals, with all these at our disposal, if we cannot demand the best social amenities as citizens then we are a failed generation.

with this A-Plus orchestrated plan to axe the NDC and NPP in 2020 Election work? Only time will tell.

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