Motivation: Winners never quit, follow your dreams in 2020

Winners never quit

The world needs many more who believe winners never quit and live by it. Never believe that laziness pays nor your decision to call it a quit is the best. Keep fiighting for that enviable victiory, keep pushing your self, you will win.

Living through this life without a goal, a mission, target, and vision is like going to the riverside without an aim. It is like traveling the world over without a plan, a map and a compass. Do not let the wind blow you where you don’t want to go.

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MOTIVATION: Winners never quit

Winners are not people who never failed, they are people who emerged successful after failing several times. Success is sweet when it sprouts after several failed attempts. Never quit when it feels like becuase, success is just near by.

Have a goal and work at it. Fall many times, but don’t quit. If you decide today that, the efforts you have put in already are enough and that you are quitting, remember you will never be counted among the winners.

If you keep trying, you will find your way. Today, the world celebrates inventor Edison because he kept trying to invent and build. For 1000 times, he missed the opportunity to be an inventor but he kept going. 

See today’s challenges in life, in your education, career and whatever you are having tough times doing as part of that important learning curve. Remind your self that, winners don’t quit and quitters do not win. 

Motivation: Don’t accept failure

Don’t accept failure and don’t entertain the thought. Keep going. You are better off trying again than throwing in the towel.

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History has it that Thomas Edison was seen and called “Stupid” by his teachers for being unproductive. This did not stop him. What is stopping you? Follow the footsteps of Thomas Edison today. Never quit or back off from that great ambition because it is achievable.

 Albert Einstein was unable to speak until he was 4. He reached age 7 before he could start reading and was seen as mentally low and foolish forever. This same person was expelled from the school he attended but he became one of the greatest the world knows today in the field of mathematics.

Rejection should make you strong, failure should teach you how to win, hard work and determination must speak to your inner self to rise to the occasion. I challenge you. Rise above the waters and breath life into your dreams.

Keep believing, keep pushing, keep working and keep winning because you never quit. Uncover to discover your greatness. 

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