Motivation: Say No! No Stagnation in life in 2020

Be motivated to Say No! to Learned Helplessness (Stagnation in life) and never ever accept the permanent sad situation you find your self in as your fate.

Today is a new day, this piece of writing is not coming to you by chance. Be challenged today to say. “This bad situation facing me is not my story…I am for greatness and great I shall be”.

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Repeat this positive affirmation as many times as you want to and can at ant given opportunity. You are an overcomer…Don’t accept the current situation as permanent. Nothing is permanent but you can enjoy repeated success all through life. It begins in the mind. Reject every thought of failure and stagnation in life.

Again, own your thoughts, feed it with positivity, believe it and live it. Don’t allow anything causing your stagnation in life to imprison your mind. Don’t ever believe it, it is over with you. I refuse it, so must you.

Say No to Stagnation in Life, Be motivated

However, today may be bad, and life may bechallenging but I can assure you, you are in it to win it.Battlefields are not for the faint-hearted and victory is not meant for cowards.

Therefore, Be brave! Be determined! Be courageous! Be Optimistic. See the better tomorrow unveiled out of today’s misery. Discover to uncover, revealthe power in you to unveil the success in it.

However, you might have seen a fowl with one of its leg in a rope and tied to a stamp or tree before. If it is left in that for a very long time, it begins to believe that, it cannot move any longer. It loses hope, the steam and will power to free itself. This is what that problem is doing to your inner strength and will power. Don’t allow it to kill the spirit in you. Say No to it.

If the ropeis removed, it will still remain there because it believes it can do nothing.I challenge you not to think like that because that is a learned helplessness mentality.

Your challenges of today cannot hold you back andmust not beplanted in your mind as your fate.

Say No! to Learned Helplessness

Do not allow the troubles of today to confuse you, you have what it takes to break the rope and escape from that hopeless situation hunting you. Remember that it’s dangerous not to try to do anything about the situation.

The truth is that, when we suffer a challenge for long, we begin to believe the deceit that we cannot free ourselves from it. That is to say, it takes courage, determination and the inner will power to exit the sad fate.

Do not ever adopt the belief that it just wasn’t possible for you to shift the negativity and failure camping you.

Whatever tries to hold you down mustfall down. No matter what is in this world holding you back,don’tlet it rule your mind. If it does, you will continue in there.

Above all, continue to take small positive steps out of your challenges. Hold the view that, you will succeed. Look, you can become successful in the most devastating condition.

It’s a mind game and positivity. Most importantly, grab a seat in your mind and push your thoughts beyond defeat into victory.

Are you ready for greatness?





Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

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