LESBIANISM: Hmmmm Tracey Boakye reveals the TRUTH for the first time

The Ghanaian actress and producer, Tracey Boakye, opened up for the first time on lesbianism in an interview followed by NewsGhana24.

She denied being a lesbian in the hot interview she was placed on the spot.

Not long ago, however, in an interview, actress Safia Haroun said she kissed fellow actress Tracey Boakye before making it look as if they were lesbian.

It brought up a lot of chatter on social networking sites with some branding Tracey Boakye a lesbian to the’ Baby Mama’ maker.

But in a question and answer session with Zionfelix, responding to the assertion, she said, “I never kissed Safia before and she never kissed me before, I’m not a lesbian.

I’ll kiss a lady only if she’s in a movie, and only if the film is educational.

This discussion will not go away soon until actress Safia Haroun comes out to deny the allegation.

Ghanaians will never keep quiet over this LESBIANISM story and rumour that actress Safia Haroun has started. Many seem to believe the information she put out there.

Although Tracey Boakye seems to have revealed the “TRUTH” for the first time from her point, many more think the real truth is still hanging.

In an earlier revelation, the Ghanaian actress, Tracey Boakye, admitted in an interview that she has no time at her level for relationship stress, and she’s too big for a man, so every time she feels sex, she just pressures a man she’s crushing for sex and pays the person.

Tracey Boakye saaid she’s made enough money at a time in her life not to be under the control of a single man. She’s paying for se*x because she doesn’t need stress.

The Kumawood actress / producer clarified that since she’s in control, the procedure gives her the opportunity to control and bounce the men around.

Tracey Boakye also did add that she utilizes men and discards them anyway because they are of little significance to her.

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