Kidnapped Canadian girls rescued, two arrests made

The two Kidnapped Canadian girls have been rescued at last by national security operatives. The two were kidnapped in the Ashanti Regional Capital, Kumasi a week ago. News coming in and monitored by from citinewsroom has revealed that the girls have been rescued this morning, Wednesday 12 June 2019.

The driver of the vehicle used in the operation by the kidnappers and one other were also arrested and are assisting the police investigations on the matter.

This outcome was achieved after the collaboration between Ghanaian security agencies and the Canadian authorities.

Ministry of Information has confirmed the rescue but did not give further details regarding the operations that were carried out leading to their rescue.

The statement added that efforts will be intensified to help deal with similar issues successfully. There will be a press briefing at 15 hours GMT the statement said.

The media and all commentators were also charged to be careful with what they discuss relating to such issues so as not to compromise operations that are related to this outcome.

The statement also assured citizens and travelers that Ghana is a safe haven and not as risky as it is been made to look like.

Kidnapped Canadians rescued; 2 suspects arrested

“Government continues to encourage the media and commentators to be circumspect in public commentary on security matters in order not to compromise other related operations. Citizens and travelers are once again assured that Ghana remains safe,” it noted in its statement.

When the two Canadian girls were kidnapped in Kumasi at about 8:55 pm on June 4th, Ghanaians were disturbed since another related issue (Taadi Girls) was yet to be resolved. The UK, Canada, and Australia Embassies and High Commissions have raised some red flags about Ghana and the safety of their citizens.

These kidnappings are becoming an issue that needs urgent solutions as the agitation among Ghanaians and foreigners in the country keeps worsening. We are yet to solve the mystery surrounding the three girls who got missing in Taadi.

Although kidnapping is still considered a very rare occurrence in Ghana, we need to put our house in order and stop it in its tracks before it gets out of hand. Kudos to the Police and all the foreign experts who helped produce this heartwarming news this morning

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