Fathers are not worth celebrating, Give us a break…

Happy Fathers Day…Happy Fathers Day… I said. Hold it there, Fathers are not worth celebrating, give us a break! A lady said. My heart went dark, my mind went blank and my body temperature dropped quickly.

How can you make such remarks? I asked, very surprised. Listen to your self a gentleman who was with us interrupted the discussion and said to me. I agree perfectly with this lady.

He argued that his father was no real father, he felt miserable more than children who did not know their fathers.

My dad is one person, who is always putting unnecessary pressure on me. Giving advises whenever little opportunities present themselves without telling you how to achieve them. Take your books serious, my son, he will say every time you inform him, you are off to school. All he knows is pay fees. Like seriously? I quizzed.

Wooow, you shocked me. That is a good father, I said…Your dad is concerned about you, your future and everything about your future. Probably, your understanding of who a good father is may be the problem.

The lady added, my dad is always putting unnecessary fear in me, his voice, utterances and non-verbal expressions when I have friends visiting are enough to make me wish, I change my father.

That is another great father, interested in your welfare, he may seem overprotective but, every action you have listed is an indication that you have a rare gem as a father. These are some of the reasons some give and think they are good enough to deny celebrating fathers.

Today as we mark father’s day, no one can deny the fact that fathers are not without faults but they are worth celebrating on this day and every day of our lives.

Some fathers may have been irresponsible at a point in time or seem to have ignored their responsibilities towards their children and the mother of their children but this is not enough justification for the world to disconnect with the important roles many more fathers are performing across the world towards their children, family and society.

There is no perfect father anywhere but countless ones putting in efforts you don’t see are everywhere around us including yours you may not value.

Many children have not seen the stress of their fathers at work nor the workload their fathers carry daily just to put food on the table…
If your father cannot provide a three square meal, appreciate him for providing at least one and hope for the better.

Fathers causing pain and not performing their responsibilities, sit up, our children are looking up us to give them a better future, a better dream a better life.

We might have failed, but let this father’s day be an opportunity to rewrite the scripts in our homes.

Happy fathers day to every father, father figures and all who are performing fatherly roles in diverse capabilities.

To our children, we love you, we affirm our commitment to performing our God-given roles and to mould

Happy Fathers Day

a path that leads our efforts to your success.

We are investigating our good thoughts, inspired dreams for you, finances and our presences at home towards your future. Trust us that, we shall deliver.

Thanks to my kids for your cards…lovely

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