KETA NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Dr. Dzameshie, a big threat to NDC’s Gakpe

The NPP delegates in the Keta constituency on 28th of September, 2019 heavily endorsed Dr. Benjamin Sene Dzameshie as the party’s Parliamentary candidate ahead of 2020 general elections.The parliamentary candidate elect ,who is popularly known as the “youth commander” is a clinician by profession.

He pulled sixty two percent (62%)of the total votes cast ahead of his contender who happens to be the incumbent municipal chief executive in the person of Hon.
Godwin Effa.It appears the delegates who expressed their displeasure and protested during the nomination of Hon.

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He has reiterated their anger against him with the ballots.In the end ,Two hundred and seventy delegates endorsed Dr. Dzameshie as against One hundred and sixty three for Hon. Godwin Effa with only seven(7) rejected ballots.

The uproar in the keta constituency after the victory of Dr. Benjamin Dzameshie has sent a pinning signal to the NDC’s Gakpe ,that there is more to be done.

The youth of the constituency from both divides in the major political parties(NPP and NDC) for the first time came together to celebrate the victory of the “youth commander”(Dr. Benjamin Dzameshie)

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In the awakening of events,a member of the celebrants Mr Sabastian Ocloo disclosed his joy over the victory.

He said ” We needed someone who can always come to our level,someone who listens,someone who will put the youth ahead of his interest and we had a perfect one.That is what Dr. Stands for”

In an interview with Dr.Benjamin Dzameshie,He said “This is a new dawn,a new era.The NPP can take over Keta with the right plans in place.

His Excellency Nana Addo Danqua has conspicuously demonstrated his love for the people of Keta by providing us with a Port which will soon materialise.

This is enough to change the voting trends.We only need to put the right strategies and we are good to turn things around.Keta has been voting for the NDC for a long time.

They have not compensated the people with anything. We must let the the people know it is time to show them the red card” . It is time to work, no more talks. He added.

             Reporting from KETA

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