#JohnMahamaLive Now: Mahama’s Novelty is awesome

The former president of Ghana and the Flagbearer for theNDC, JohnDramaniMahamais live now. Thisfacebookinteractionis to give the masses on social media a rare opportunity to ask questions andreceiveresponses.

This approach is a novelty in our politics and first of its kind.

To join the feed and ask all the questions on your mind, join now and give this rare opportunity your best shot.

So far the following questions, suggestions and desires and aspirations of Ghana’s which are currently being thrown at him as he speaks to the masses.

Mr. President….please i have one plead when you become the president in 2021…sudsidise the free SHS for the business, art and science students and make it free for a vocational, technical and visual art students to motivate youth with craftmanship and handicraft.
Freeadviceto PapaKwesiNduomandGiftyAfenyiDadziewithout consultations fees please, come openly and asked for God’s forgiveness mercy and that of all Ghanaians. A word to a wise is enough.
Your legacystill remainsunparalleled!

The man with a faithful andgenuineheart.

When are u going to choose your running mate?
Ihave been workingtirelessly toensureyour victory in 2020. Please, can you assure me that you won’t fail mein caseyou are given the nod? And what stringent measures will you put in place this time around to engage theteemingyouth in the country #JohnMahamaLive
WhyMepetoSegeroad in the NorthTongulinkingSegeconstituency not constructed. And when are you going to name your running mate. Time is of the essence. Victory 2020 awaits you.
JM is the real presidential material and not the impersonator currently at the Flagstaff House.
We will keep you updated

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