If your Life Insurance Policy will not pay a minimum Maturity Value of GHS 250,000: DROP THAT YAM

If your Life Insurance Policy will not pay a minimum Maturity Value of GHS250,000, DROP THAT YAM. Do you know how much you will be paid when your life insurance matures at age 60? Many policyholders don’t know this. So we are people with the drive, self-motivated, very resilient and passionate about success, we shall show you how it is done and that will be your success story.

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Insurance policy and life insurance policy for that matter is very important but often, we all get confused with insurance policy options and which one is good for us. Sometimes, the jargons used my baffle you and take the advice of an agent who may not be seeking your interest in the first place.

Again, although insurance products are good to mitigate against unforeseen risk and the cost, most insurance companies don’t explain the policy we are buying inside out to us. There is a need for us all to start asking insurance companies good questions about our policies and whether they are the right policies for us. We all need to be financially free and Life Insurance Policy and investment policies are the ones that will get us there.

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If your insurer can pay at least GHS250,000 to you when your policy matures, you must be a happy person. But many will not even pay 20% of this to you with the current premium you pay in Ghana.

An insurer that can pay this is worth having by your side as a policyholder. It means this company can and would indirectly pay you or those who ever survives you, at least your monthly income for not less than 3 months.

In Ghana today, many policyholders can only receive a few thousands of cedis that do not even cover the funeral cost.

Education and the right investment policy are key Financial Education on how to plan your life will light up the truth about where you are heading towards with your current life policy and the bad reality that has looked good to you all this while.

Which policy is right?

Many insurance policies in Ghana don’t sell to you the policy that will make you financially independent. The best is Term insurance. With this, you get what you deserve in the long run for the policy with only one company that I know in Ghana. Most life insurance policies today, reap you big time.

Some of us say “But, I don’t trust investment and insurance companies, why trust you?

The best insurance companies the world over; don’t jump the horse to sign you onto a policy you don’t understand. They give you personally financial literacy education so that you know the truth then you can decide whether you want the current policy that is reaping you apart secretly to continue its work or you tell yourself, “I found the truth enough is enough”

Drs, lawyers, Professional teachers, Engineers, Military officers, Business Moguls and many more have all found the truth.

Tell me which insurance policy puts money in your pocket weekly, this is not possible some say. I say it is possible with this out of the box financial planning approach that leverages on truth, belief, and trust.

For most of us, the insurance company is far from us but near to us. The truth is most of us are virtually working for such companies at the expense of our earnings.

If I earn Ghs2000 a month and this life policy I have enrolled into pays a minimum of GHS250,000 at maturity.

How many months of salary is that? = 250,000/2000 my monthly income

=125 months income

In year terms = 125 months/12 months per year

In year terms = This gives me 10yrs 4 months of

my monthly 2000 income.

Now there it is…

If you want to be at our insurance training and life empowerment sessions or want to be called and briefed to be empowered with information, truth and the knowledge to start a new journey of personal financial freedom, get in touch CLICK THE BUTTON TO CHAT NOW!!!

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