Higher Transport Fares Hit Ghanaians Monday 

Come Monday morning, Ghanaians will wake up to be greeted by higher lorry (Transport)  fares as a result of the continuous increase in the price of fuel over the last 12 months.

It is no longer a hint, but the reality that Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has increase transportation fares, following the recent hikes in fuel prices. The new transport fares in ghana will surely come on Monday. 

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) says effective September 16, public transport fares will go up by 10 per cent. However, it looks like some fare will go up more than the 10%.

Both Trotro business owners and driver as well as taxi owners and drivers are ready for the upward increase. What about the world be passengers?

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Higher Transport Fares Hit Ghanaians

Chairman of GPRTU, Kwame Kuma noted that the new transport fares will soon be made public …there will definitely be an increment”.

Higher Transport Fares are expected. An interview by newsghana24.com with Taxi Drivers at the Madina Market lorry station revealed that not less than 50p will be added to the lorry fair for destinations plied by the various Taxi Driver’s Unions. 

For destinations that drivers charged GHS2.00, passengers will pay GHS2.40p. This is a 20% increase and not 10%.  A driver plying the Mempeasem East Legon – Madina road revealed on Saturday evening that the transport fare increase has come so late.

In his submission, he said “We have worked many months since the government increased fuel prices and made sales with less to show in terms of profit. When you buy GHS50.00 cedi worth of fuel, it rarely shows in your tank. As for Monday, we cannot wait for it to come.The last time fares were increased was in January 2018.”

Effects of Higher Transport Fares on Goods and Services

Increased fuel prices in Ghana always comes with increased  transport fares. This shifts the increase in fuel prices you commuters and also effects every aspect of life in Ghana and our news desk expects prices of goods and services to also shoot up marginally.

This would, therefore, impact the purchasing power of consumers whose income will not be able to buy the same goods and services they were able to buy in the last three months if even if inflation is held constant.

Those who will be hit hardest are parents traders, workers and students who will have to commute daily to and from work, school and their business travels.

A trader, Madam Susan at the Madina Market said ” From Monday, I have to increase the transport fare for my three kids by at least GSH2.00 aday. Already, I have increased their pocket money because they have moved to a new class and their feeding fee has gone up as well. Gradually, things are getting harder for us”.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

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