Ghana’s CSE fight boosted by US-based World Congress of Families

Ghana’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education fight boosted by US based World Congress of Families.

The American extremist evangelical World Congress of Families is preparing to visit #Ghana to bring their anti-LGBT agenda. They will be supporting the retrogressive religious groups to oppose the comprehensive sexuality education proposals.

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This was made known via a tweet.

In Africa World Congress of Families has championed the fight against LGBT by participating in anti-LGBT “Family Congress” in Nairobi, Kenya.

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At a conference in Abuja, Nigeria, in 2009 it explained “Attempts By International Agencies And Western Donors To Force Abortion, Contraception, Smaller Families And Homosexual Rights On Africa.” It warned through ut leadership that the threat to African families posed by homosexuality and contraception.

— WCF Communications Director Don Feder, World Congress of Families: Dialogue of Civilizations, Nigeria, 2009

WCF’s willingness to respect the rights of LGBTQ people is only extended, “…insofar as those practices do not threaten the welfare of life, children, and the natural family.”

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The attempt by the GES and the Ministry of Education to introduce the CSE into Ghana’s education at age 5 , thus KG has met one of the toughest opposition of the Ghanaian people but, this will not fly any time soon.

Since Comprehensive Sexuality Education is not in line with the beliefs and ideals of the World Congress of Families, and for the fact that, it threatens the welfare of life, children, and the natural family, they will be in Ghana to help fight and win the battle.

In 2013, the WCF played a crucial role in the passage of the infamous “Anti-Propaganda Law,” in  Russia. This law among other things forbids anyone from saying anything positive about homosexuality.

The aim of this law was to protect the minds and bodies of youth from nontraditional sexual relations.

A support from the World Congress of Families for the traditional authorities, Religous bodies, and the general public may go a long way to fight the Comprehensive Sexuality Education. 

Christians, Muslims and Traditional worshippers in Ghana have rejected any attempt by the government to impose an alien culture of teaching CSE in our schools. 

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