GES championing social exclusion-University Trained Teachers vs College Leavers

Ghana is becoming an epistemology of social exclusion, and GES is a perfect epitome of this. It is very disheartening.

Trained teachers are trained teachers. Post them. Why seclude a group with the tag of being trained in universities, so no posting for them?

Is University Education useless to the GES and Ministry of Education? People hold DBE, Early Childhood Diplomas from collages and are posted. Others hold the same from universities (and did education), but cannot be posted.

This is segregation and exclusionary. It is a very dicey social issue long neglected. Only those victimized understood the pain, and they’re condemned for crying their hearts out.

Let’s also not forget this,…..
University Trained Teachers read education, so did the College Leavers.

University Trained Teachers studied at a higher level of education with deeper academic/intellectual insight. This is indisputable, despite all other arguments.

During their study, Collage Leavers had allowances, were fed, had accommodation, and student loan facilities. We all know what happens to the other group.

Then even with posting, Uni Trained Teachers are still exempted. This is not characteristic of a democratic and socially inclusive country with a conscience.

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The Collage Leavers come back to the Universities to study degree programmes. We give them tutorials, we mark their quizzes and other assessments, we are TAs to, for, and over them. Then you say, they’re more intellectually proficient to fit in GES better than us?

Ghana simply appears to have lost its educational priorities as a nation!!!

Collages are no more post-secondary institutions, so why these.

The current insult with the new curriculum is that, with the introduction of Geography and History, a week’s symposia for College leavers qualifies them to teach these subjects more than graduates who trained for four years with research in these disciplines in Universities.

Look at this straight, not with prejudice.

Source: Michael S Agbozo 

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