Pregnant woman in critical condition after Accident at Madina-Botwe

A horrific accident occurred at Madina in Accra this afternoon at about 2 pm while funeral attendees were returning from the Madina cemetery after burial. A government pickup carrying about 50 persons turned upside down as a result of drunk driving and an attempt by the driver to show off his driving skills.

The vehicle had its upper part turned down while the lower part with all the tyres was in an inverted position. The truck while turning got a lot of the passengers hurt as it ended up falling on them. Everyone on board the truck sustained some degree of injury.

According to the information gathered by at the Pentecost Hospital in Madina where some of the casualties were rushed, the driver refused to stop when all other cars had halted to observe the traffic light which has turned red, then he began to make the car move anyhow on the stretch of the road from one end of the other side of the road to the other on top speed. This led to the accident.

Some of the victims who were brought in, in another truck were wailing and in excruciating pain, with deep cuts and bruises which were quite disturbing. Some were provided short emergency care by doctors and nurses on duty at the felicity and were quickly transferred to the 37 military hospital. Others were also taken to the Ridge hospital.

A pregnant woman who was also in the truck was in critical condition at the time of her arrival. Others suffered some form on internal bleeding on the head and were also rushed to other health facilities.

We gathered that one of the ladies transferred to the 37 military hospital was the sister of the deceased.

The funeral took place at the school junction on the Ashaley Botwe Road.

According to an eye witness who was at the funeral he warned them not to hung on the car earlier on but they refused to heed to his advice. When the news got to the funeral ground, the mourners were very disturbed and rushed to the hospital.

As at the time of filing this report no official complaint has been made to the Ghana police since the driver himself sustained some minor injuries and was under treatment.


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