Female Police Constable Was BLACKMAILED in leaked tape

Female Police Constable whose leaked video went viral on social media has finally spoken. The video which was tagged by some media houses as “atopa” is still a trending video today and articles that burst onto online have been trending across Africa since the video emerged.

The female Police Constable broke the silence to help the general public understand what led to the leaking of the video which has brought her embracement.

The remorseful police officer according to sources disclosed to MynewsGh.com she is still in a state of shock as to how come a video meant for two people ended up in the public domain.

She alleged that a third party was trying to blackmail her by releasing the video into the public domain.

According to the facts gathered, her attempt to send the video via her WhatsApp continued to fail hence she decided to send it to the phone of another friend who was ready to assist her.

The person who was supposed to be her friend sent a copy of the video to himself and tried using it to blackmail her.

Because she could not raise the ransom place on her head by this so-called friend, he decided to “drop” the video on social media through close friends, these close friends shared it among themselves and soon, it flooded the social media and went viral.

In her remorseful state of being she said she was sorry about all that had happened and that she was doing all she can to go through the hard movements and that, she doesn’t feel like owning a phone that has a camera.

The video was intended for his boyfriend James, who is a Ghanaians based in Italy. Sadly the video ended up in the wrong hands.

Another important fact is that the female Police Constable had dumped the father of her child who is also a police officer and started dating James.

When she produced the video, she sent it to the friend of the police officer she had dumped. The video was downloaded by the recipient before she could stop it or halt the transfer of the file. This recipient started sharing it among friends.

The officer of the law, decided to leave post out of the shame when the video went viral. Information gathered indicated, she has relocated to a town in Bono East Region, she has since changed her phone numbers but we are told her family has been in touch.

Blackmailing: Actions to take

The question that comes to mind it, what are the legal options opened to the police officer? Blackmailing is a threat from another to harm the person who is been threatened with blackmail or has suffered the blackmailing. It is a serious offence that, can cause not just physical harm but also emotional harm or both.  Been an officer of the law, the options opened to the police officer are to take the matter up legally and get a good lawyer to press charges against the persons or initiator of the leaked video and the blackmailer. Chats on WhatsApp and calls received while the blackmailer was calling for the ransom can also be used as evidence in a law court.

Advise to ladies 

Blackmailing is punishable by a fine or imprisonment or even both. However, our advise to ladies of today is to know that, love, is not in taking nude pictures and videos and sharing it with the boyfriends. protect your self, stay safe and protect your dignity. 

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