Congratulations Navarrete for beating Dogboe in the rematch

The hopes of many Ghanaians and the NEHO family Isaac Dogboe were dashed in their rematch when the Mexican Navarette dispatches Isaac Dogboe calmly in the rematch

His father and coach Paul Dogboe threw in the towel in round 12 when the young chap failed to come to the party. Dogboe who was super ready to prove a point in the rematch and use the opportunity to redeem his image only ended up in trouble yet again. Five months after their first fight in December 2018, it was believed by many that Navarrete’s win was a fluke.

But the win by Navarrete in this rematch has shown that, after all, Isaac Dogboe was not as good as we all thought and that, Navarrete was a powerhouse.

Dogboe went down like a pile of sheets twice during the contest on the night which included a right-hand shot that brought the fight to an end and viewers at Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona onto their feet.

Let the truth be told, Dogboe is not in the class of Navarrete, not at all and as usual let no one say “Better luck next time” Not at all. Dogboe must aim at fighting others in the weight division because there will not be a rematch with Navarrete. Dogboe must respect Navarrete’s and see him as his beater.

Navarrete (27-1, 22KOs) in the rematch was even better than he was in the first match he won against the Ghanaian boxer. Dogboe was still in his dreams wishing to get one big blow in to stop Navarrete but that was not to be

Dogboe (20-2, 14KOs) was badly rocked in rounds two and three. Navarrete did damage with his left hook and landed good and powerful blows which messed up Dogboe’s right eye and kept it rapidly swelling shut.

The fight was lost even at round three. Congratulations Navarrete for beating Dogboe.

In our article before the fight we said:

However, we believe, there is a slim win in sight for Dogboe if he will be at his best. He could stage the biggest comeback in recent times to finish off Emanuel Navarrette. The sports team at after a careful analysis of the two boxers can attest that this fight will go to the wire, pound for pound, blow for blow and you just cannot blink your eye to miss the action. Expect some big punches on the night. This is exactly what happened. Dogboe lost yet again.

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