Christmas: How to Enjoy Christmas on a Low Budget, 2019

As Christmas and Christmas festivities draw closer, its important to begin to think about how to enjoy Christmas on alow budget.

How to enjoy Christmas on a low budget

Christmas: How to Enjoy Christmas on a Low Budget, 2019

During the Christmas festivities, many feel the need to buy gifts for everyone. Others feel its time to show love and that means running their accounts down.This leads to over spending which is not a smart way to enjoy the festive season.

Many have run their accounts down so fast in a few days in December than they ever did the entire year. This is because many fail to plan and see beyond the Christmas holidays.

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Very often, many of us fail to plan how to spend our financial resources during festive seasons like Christmas and the news year. In the end, if you outrun your budget and over spend, January will come soon and you may be broke for failing to control your spending.

You can enjoy Christmas on alow budgetif you take the right decisions and plan your finances with the future in mind. What many of us forget is that, the money at our disposal during the festive season may haveto bespent until the end of January. That isalong timeand so, this calls for foresight and careful planning.

The question is can one enjoy and have fun during the Christmas festivities, show love, share gifts, travel across the globe, buy new clothing and all the things one needs to buy at Christmas and still enjoy Christmas on a low budget? Yes, it is possible but this sincerely depends on a lot of factors.

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We present below all the knowledge you need to enjoy Christmas on alow budget

#1 Plan your expenditure early.

It is an undeniablefact that, many of us enjoylast minuteshopping especially a few days to Christmas or Christmas eve. Thatcan befun but it can lead to uncontrollable impulse buying. It is important you plan your expenses ahead of time. This plan should include the exact amount you can spend for holiday shopping.

The planned budget must come along with a list. Make sure you have crossed checked the list at least twice. Take off any thing that is not really needed and never go out to shop for Christmas without the list.

Consider your current income and how long it will take for January 31st to come. What it means is that for most people their salaries and savings before December ends will have to take care of their expenses in January. If you fail to come out with a budget, you will over spend in December and suffer for it in January.

Do you best to have at least arough estimate of what you intend to spend in December and the source of the income. In taking this decision, consider your needs in January as well.

#2 Make Important Purchases before prices go up

This can be done by taking advantage of early deals and discounts.It is not fun paying what costs say $20.00 for $35.00 at Christmas or on Christmas eve when. This is so if you knew you actually needed it way back in early December.

Making purchases of important items and gifts ahead of Christmas will notreducethe fun and entertainment you should have during the yuletide but rather, it will help save some few bucks on these purchases.

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#3 Think of your needs and money after 5th January

For may of us, the festive season starts from 21st December and ends around 5th January of the next year. If you want to leave a stress free life and not to suffer budget deficits before January 5th, then think, plan and have enough money that will help take care of your needs after January 5th. School fees, transportation, Gasoline, family weekly supplies after Christmas and the need to pay medical bills must guide our spending and what we keep against unexpected occurrences after January 5th.

#4 Avoid impulse buying as much as you can

Most of the times, we spend more as a result of unplanned purchases. This is calledimpulse buying. If you did not plan to buy your child a bicycle,don’tbe compelled to buy one because, it will easily impact your finances andreduceyour spending power.

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5. Christmas is fun not wild spending

Know that, Christmas is supposedto befun, spending quality time with family, friends and love one and not necessarily spending too much on a few days or hours of festivity.

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