Bono East New Patriotic Party: David Boakye Outdoors His Visions

The communications team of Mr. David Boakye an aspiring candidate for the Bono East Regional NPP Secterial position, on Monday 22nd April 2019, issued a communiqué which captions the visions of the young leader Mr. David Boakye for the party in the region.

In a statement signed by his communications director Mr Pious Afrane, he said

The vision statement is comprehensive and it tackles facets of issues that will help to develop the party in the region.

Mr David Boakye has served the New Patriotic Party for over twenty(20) years,hence his vision is a true representation of what the party needs to sustain their stay at office. He added.

In the insight, the vision highlights about eight(8) major ideologies which are strategically crafted to cover grassroots. Below are summarised bulletins of the vision statement:


My vision for the New Patriotic Party in Bono East is to be an effective working secretary not office bound but field mobilization for victory 2020. In other to achieve this dream, I David Boakye as a Regional Secretary Pledge :

1. To build an open, all-embracing, transparent, truthful and working secretariat which will respond to the welfare of the party members.

2. To build a strong United party in the region by bringing on board every member and do away with FACTIONAL tagging.

3. To build strong grassroots wings under the youth, women and Nasara Club by Strengthening the supervisory role of the organizer.

4. To build an effective communication team that will collaborate with the Research and Elections Office to promote a local content communication

5. To build a stronger and motivated TESCON, which will collaborate with various professionals and identifiable groups to do special grassroots mobilization.

6. To embark on an effective Settler Community Project aimed at bringing our Non-Muslim Settlers on board

7. To ensure transparent Financial administration in the Region

8. To build a strong relationship between Party and Government in the Region by initiating regular interaction between Party/Parliamentary Caucus and the Executive to ensure regular SWOT analysis of our party in Region.

The vision statement has overwhelmingly been embraced by the people of the New Patriotic Party in the region.

In an interaction with some delegates, we gathered that many members of the party are poised to reward Mr. David Boakye for his hard services to the New Patriotic Party in the Region. They believe the young politician has the balls to carry the party ahead of time. In a related development, Mr David Boakye has picked nomination forms for the impending regional election in Bone East Region.

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