BECE 2021 Final Trial Questions For BECE Candidates (Integrated Science & RME)

BECE 2021 Final Trial Questions For BECE Candidates (Integrated Science & RME)

The BECE 2021 starts on Monday, 15th November and ends on Friday, 19th November 2021 and students as well as teachers are wrapping up preparations. To assist you as you wrap up your final preperation, we make avaible BECE 2021 Final Trial Questions For BECE Candidates for Integrated Science and RME to aid candidates in their preperation. Attempt to solve the objective test questions for all the subject as provided here. Get help from your teachers as well well if you have any challenge answering a particular question.


BECE 2021 Final Trial Questions For BECE Candidates – R.M.E Sample Questions

1. The Gye Nyame symbol of the Akan signifies that God is
A. all-loving.
B. all-merciful.
C. all-powerful.
D. all-seeing.

2. God’s covenant with the patriarchs is associated with
A. Abraham.
B. Joshua.
C. Joseph.
D. Moses.

3. According the Christian teaching, God created man and woman on the
A. first day.
B. second day.
C. fifth day.
D. sixth day.

4. The belief that God sees the secret deeds of all and punishes those who do evil implies that He is
A. omnipotent.
B. omnipresent.
C. omniscient.
D. sovereign.

5. Christians who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness are blessed because
A. God will be merciful to them
B. God’s kingdom belongs to them.
C. they shall be comforted.
D. they shall see God.

6. Egya Ahor is remembered for sacrificing his life to
A. ensure victory at war.
B. free his people from slavery.
C. save children from being kidnapped.

7. Jacob’s children went to Egypt because
A. Joseph was a governor in Egypt.
B. people were losing their lives.
C. there was a great famine.
D. there was a good pasture there for cattle.

8. A crab cannot give birth to a bird. This expression teaches that
A. a bird is more powerful than a crab.
B. one could resemble a bird or a crab.
C. one shows the character of his or her parents.
D. the truth always stands everywhere.

9. Which of the following people in Ghana celebrate the Odwira festival?
A. Akwapim.
B. Fante.
C. Ewe.
D. Gonja.

10. The festival celebrated by the people of Winneba is
A. Aboakyir.
B. Damba.
C. Homowo.
D. Ogun.

11. Puberty rites should be encouraged because it
A. helps the youth to become rich.
B. links the youth to adulthood.
C. makes the youth look more attractive.
D. promotes chastity among the youth.

12. Which of the following statements is not true about puberty rites? They
A. teach girls to be obedient.
B. prevent teenage pregnancy.
C. teach girls how to live together.
D. protect girls against evil forces.

13. The period of courtship in marriage is meant for
A. convincing parents of both parties.
B. presentation of gifts to friends.
C. the couple to study each other.
D. the payment of the knocking fee.

14. The exchange of rings in Christian marriage signifies
A. blessing from God.
B. faithfulness to God.
C. faithfulness to one another.
D. love for the family.

15. The first Muezzin in Islam was
A. Abu Talib.
B. Bilal.
C. Salman.
D. Zayd.

16. The first pillar in Islam is the belief in
A. angels.
B. oneness of God.
C. prophets.
D. revealed books.

17. Praying regularly is important because it is a
A. moral responsibility.
B. political responsibility.
C. social responsibility.
D. spiritual responsibility.

18. Looking simple and decent is a sign of
A. comportment.
B. faithfulness.
C. tolerance.
D. repentance.

19. Which of the following factors is not a reason why we greet?
A. Disloyalty
B. Friendship
C. Humility
D. Politeness

20. Which of the following actions does not constitute good manners?
A. Chuckling at prefects
B. Complying with dress codes
C. Running of errands
D. Stitching torn clothes

21. To live a chaste life, one must
A. avoid sexual intimacy.
B. participate in communal labour.
C. perform his or her responsibilities.
D. respect and obey school rules.

D. respect and obey school rules.
22. Submission to the will of Allah in Islam brings
A. life and comfort.
B. peace and purity.
C. unity and love.
D. wealth and joy

23. Behaviour patterns of individuals approved by society are known as
A. moral values.
B. ritual values.
C. sacraments.
D. taboos.

24. By respecting other people’s religion, we are
A. practising religious obedience.
B. showing commitment to God.
C. showing commitment to those religions.
D. showing religious tolerance.

25. Good deeds are rewarded to
A. encourage people.
B. make people courteous.
C. instil kindness in people.
D. promote peaceful co-existence.

26. Repentance begins with
A. acceptance of one’s guilt.
B. regret for doing wrong.
C. request for forgiveness.
D. vowing to do good.

27. The first thing to do when you enter a house is to
A. ask for a seat.
B. ask for water.
C. offer greetings.

D. remove your sandals.

28. A citizen who indulges in social vices in the community is said to be
A. a deviant.
B. unfriendly.
C. untruthful.
D. a conformist.

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BECE 2021 Final Trial Questions For BECE Candidates (Integrated Science)

1. Which of the following organs is used by the fish for movement?
A. eye B. fin C. gill D. tail
E. mouth

2. A group of stars found in the universe is called
A. galaxy
B. meteor
C. meteorite
D. planet
E. solar system

3. The basic unit of matter is the
A. atom
B. compound
C. element D. electron E. ion

4. Which of the following process is a physical change?
A. Rusting of iron
B. Burning of paper
C. Melting of ice
D. Fermentation of palm wine
E. Boiling of an egg

5. The organ that removes metabolic wastes from the human body is
A. anus B. heart C. kidney
D. rectum
E. spleen

6.  The food chain that occurs in nature is
A. green plants → lizards → insects→ snakes
B. grasshopper→green plants→ lizards → hawks
C. green plants → snakes→hawks → man
D. green plants →grasshopper → lizards → snakes
E. mice→ lizards →hawks → snakes

7. The device that uses an electromagnet in its operation is the
A. electric bell B. electric iron C. radio
D. refrigerator
E. sewing machine

8. Which of the following statements about mammals is true?
A. They have hairs
B. They lay eggs
C. They have feathers
D. They have beaks
E. They are cold-blooded

9. The parasite that is found on dogs is
A. capsid
B. guinea worm C. plasmodium D. tapeworm
E. tick

10. The substancethat sublimes when heated is
A. baking powder
B. camphor
C. common salt
D. sugar
E. sulphur

11. In plants, when the male gamete fuses with the egg, the first structure that is formed is the
A. embryo
B. testa C. fruit D. seed
E. zygote

12. Clayey soil holds more water than any other type of soil because it has
A. large particle size
B. larger air spaces
C. irregular particle size
D. greater attraction for water
E. reduced air spaces

13. Disposal of urine and faeces into a river used for domesticpurposes, maycause theoutbreak of
A. bilharzia
B. malaria
C. river blindness
D. tetanus
E. tuberculosis

14. The temperature of 20°Con the Kelvin scale is
A. 253 K B. 263 K C. 273 K D. 283 K E. 293 K

15. The heavenly body that produces and emits its own light is
A. Mars
B. meteorite C. the moon D. the sun
E. Venus

16. Desert plants shed their leaves to reduce the rate of
A. absorption B. diffusion C. osmosis
D. respiration
E. transpiration

17. Which of the following materials transforms electrical energy into light energy?
A. Electrical bell B. Filament bulb C. Electric guitar D. Lantern
E. Radio

18. The name of the smallest blood vessel in humans is
A. artery
B. arteriole
C. capillary
D. vein
E. venule

19. Which of the following activities is a reflex action?
A. Eating
B. Fighting C. Learning D. Sneezing E. Writing

20. The method of separation used in the treatment of water at the water works is
A. decantation B. distillation C. evaporation
D. magnetization
E. precipitation

21. The gas produced when dilute hydrochlorica cid is added to calcium carbonate is
A. ammonia
B. carbon dioxide
C. chlorine D. hydrogen E. oxygen

22. Which of the following environmental factors increases sweating in humans?
A. Low temperature
B. Low pressure
C. High pressure
D. High temperature
E. High humidity

23. Which of the following crops is propagated vegetatively?
A. Cassava B. Coconut C. Mango D. Okro
E. Tomato

24. The type of energy stored in food is referred to as
A. chemical energy B. electrical energy C. heat energy
D. kinetic energy
E. light energy

25. The end product of protein digestion is
A. amino acids
B. glucose
C. maltose
D. poly-peptide
E. sucrose

26. The attracting power of magnets is greatest at the
A. centre B. edges C. poles D. sides
E. surface

27. The substances which help in the digestion of food materials are called
A. enzymes B. hormones C. lymph
D. mucus
E. plasma

28. The transfer of heat through a solid medium is by
I. conduction II. convection III. radiation
A. I only B. II only C. III only
D. I and II only
E. II and III only

29. Casual and loose sex life can result in the spread of
A. AIDS B. cholera
C. poliomyelitis
D. malaria

E. tuberculosis


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We hope this ECE 2021 Final Trial Questions For BECE Candidates (Integrated Science & RME) would be helpful as you prepare.


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