Actor Akrobeto: I want to date Ghana’s AG, Gloria Akuffo

Ghanaian Comic actor, Akrobeto has revealed that he is single and wants to date Ghana’s Attorney General, Ms Gloria Akuffo. He believes he has what it takes to mingle with the law gem and be that perfect match she is looking for.

Akrobeto , also known as “Who knows tomorrow” and whose real name is Mr. Akwesi Boadi is of the said that the news got to him which indicated that Ms Gloria Akuffo was 64, single and still searching, and he Akrobeto is advising her to bring her search to a halt since he is ever ready to date her which will possibly lead to marriage.

But the question is does Akrobeto posses all the qualities the 64-year-old lawyer and Ghana’s Attorney General is looking for which she is yet to find at age 64?

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Akrobeto was speaking on his UTV program, The News monitored by During the program, he said,

Madam Gloria Akuffo I love you because I am also single and will want us to date secretly.

The gentleman may be an actor and a comic one for that matter, however, on the night, he looked serious and spoke his mind and intention on his program probably to help give the message the needed mileage and reach the legal practitioner fast enough. Mr. “Who knows tomorrow” may be on the path to an epic dating experience and marriage with one of Ghana’s renowned legal practitioners in the person of Ghana’s Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo.

Ms Gloria Akuffo, in a recent interview on Joy Fm’s Personality Profile, made it public that, she was single and searching for a partner she will call a friend at age 64. During the interview with the host Lexis Bill, she quizzed: Who said if I got somebody I won’t marry today?

She revealed that she is yet to find the right person.  Is Mr Akwesi Boadi, aka Akrobeto aka “Who knows tomorrow” the perfect match?.

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