Just In: DCE for Krachi – West District dragged out of his office

News coming in reveals the DCE for Krachi – West District has just been dragged out of his office by pro-NPP supporters. Newsghana24.com has sighted a picture in which the door to the office of the DCE for Krachi – West District has been crossed with pieces of wood and nailed to prevent anyone from accessing the officer.

In addition to the pictures a video in which man wearing the New Patriotic Party colours asked his audience to be patient now that they have been able to move him out of the office. He further requested that they should not touch him as well. According to him, the police has also confirmed that no one touched the DCE for Krachi – West District.

It is not clear as to why the turn of the event but scanty information we have gathered suggest that those who carried out the act were known NPP activists. Others present at the gathering were in their NPP polo shirts.

He spoke in Akan saying:

Everyone should remain calm, our brother who are coming from other place, will be made to understand that, they should have patience because, after we have removed him out of the office, no one touched him, and our friend Police officer Ayerkesi has stood in front of this gathering to say no one touched him, which means because we want to dialogue, that is why we did it like this. It is not that, we the youth who went there had nothing to do. Even if things are not going well, we have to dialogue. I thank you.

The convener of the meeting asked everyone to go home until they meet again in the evening.

Newsghana24 will update you with every development on this matter.

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