4 Reasons why we won’t run away with your cash -MTN

Since the recent xenophobic attacks by South Africans on foreigners in SA, a messagehasbeen circulating on social media indicating,MTNwill shut down and mobile money users will lose their money. The message called on customers to cash out their funds before thegianttelecommunication “runs” away withtheircash.

TheMTNGhana has come out toindicatethat, itis concernedwith themessagebeing shared through social media that clientswill losetheir funds.

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MTN Ghana debunks Alarm andhas statedcategorically its position.

1. It has no intentionwhat so everto shut down its services andas a matter of fact,is incapable of doing so as per its regulatory and contractual agreements.

2.MTNMoMo is not a centralized service being operated at theMTNGroup level.

3. Customers’ funds are safely lodged with our 18 partner banks in Ghana.

4.MTNMoMo has operated in Ghana for the past 10 years and the track record of itsgrowthandcommitmentto the Ghanaian market isevident.

MTNfurther urged stated that, through the pioneering ofMTNMoMo, it has contributedsignificantlyto driving the cash-like economy agenda and as such remains committed to the over 100,000 Ghanaians it indirectly employs through an ecosystem of merchants and agents.

It also indicated that as the first mobile money service provider in Ghana and the firstto becertified andgivenISO/IEC 27001:2013 it has no intentions to exit Ghana. This it has demonstrated by listing on the Ghana Stock Exchange as a publicCompanyin 2018.

4 Reasons why we won’t run away with your cash -MTN

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