Oxford Abused Blind Ghanaian Mphil Student needs justice

Oxford Abused Blind Ghanaian Mphil Student whose abuse at the Oxford University has taken center stage across Africa. NewsGhana24 discovered that the man-handling of a blind Ghana graduate student of Oxford united a whole student population on the Oxford campus leading to a solidarity protests in favour of the blind Ghanaian student.

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Ebenezer Azamati, the Oxford Abused Blind Ghanaian Mphil Student was a former student at the University of Ghana was once a key and active individual in student related activities at the UG between 2014, 2015-2016 school years. He championed issues relating to students governance and students politics This year, his MPhil ambitions led to him getting admitted to Oxford University.

The Human Rights Reporters Ghana a human rights NGO is Ghana has condemned the act and treatment mated out to Mr. Ebenezer Azamati and has called on human rights groups home and in the UK to champion the fight against all manner of discrimination and abuse mated out to physically challenged persons.

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According to information gathereed by NewsGhana24, since he gained admission, he has been involved in academic debates and discussion at Oxford Union.

However, Mr. Azamati was reportedly bulked and abused by Oxford Union bouncers at one of these University debating events and was purportedly slapped and stopped from re-entering the chamber of discussion.

What happened exactly, or what resulted in the abuse of his rights, is unknown, but the first viral video showed the OU bouncers who pushed him away after aggressively pressing him up and raising him from his seat in an event where other students were videoing the episode.

It was after the video had gone viral that the student’s discontent began. Mr. Ebenezer Azamati was discriminated against and ejected from the front row of the Oxford Union event.

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Thousands of university students from Oxford have been asking that an unqualified apology is rendered to the blind Ghanaian graduate student.

Twitter has been buzzing with countless tweets in support of the Oxford Abused Blind Ghanaian Mphil Student who was abused.

Below are some of the tweets. One student said on twitter “Oxford Union is racist. Everyone is doing somersaults to avoid saying the obvious. What happened isn’t just unjust its racist/ableist. I’ve never been in a place where even obvious facts are always up for debate. The other day someone tried to debate me on the matter of colonialism being a racist enterprise lmao”

Another one indicated that “Talk about “rendering the familiar strange and the strange familiar” in the worst ways possible. @OxfordUnion really needs to answer us: why didn’t you do anything to stop this from happening? Why haven’t you extended any sort of care to your society member? How can Black and/or disabled people expect to be safe at your gatherings when you don’t even extend an apology?”

NewsGhana24 will keep you updated on this abusive action which is a serious human rights abuse no matter where it happened and who suffers it.

Source: NewsGhana24

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