22-Year-Old Lady Drowns Baby, Accuses Her Of Law School Dreams Backfire

The evil that waspushing her compelled her to add more water and turn the baby upside down and cover the bucket with a lid. This is the way she killed her baby, but there is so much to that…

It’s easy to blame others instead of searching your own past to find what your past choice caused your future. Many people are judgemental and are quick to point accusing fingers at innocent people for their downfall when they actuallyorchestratedit.

This is the exact story ofOluwafunmilolaAdisa, a Nigerian beauty who chose out of her anger disappointment and frustration todrownher innocent little daughter in a bucket of water.

What has this world become? You go and enjoy yourself, take a seed, give birth, and blame the kid for your woes.

The 22-year-old Gowon Estate, Ipaja area of Lagos resident was of the view that her baby was an additional burden and an extra cost to her. The arrival of the baby according to her prevented her from gaining admission to the university to read law and become a lawyer.

Common sense shows thata student withan ambition to become a lawyer must not even think ofcommitting such a crime. Information we have gathered points to the fact that she left a note with her sister by name Damilolaexplaining all that she intended to do to her child.

When she committed the crime, she came back to her senses, rushed to the police station, and turned her self in. Is this not the proverbial “From frying pan to fire” statement.

“I killed her because she hindered me from becoming a lawyer” she confessed and added she had thought of giving the child a painful exit by strangling or suffocating her using a pillow as herweapon.

Finally, she filled abucketwith water, put the baby in it, andcoveredit with a lid however, according to her, the baby pushed the cover away.

The evil that waspushingher compelled her to add more water and turn the baby upside down and cover the bucket with a lid. This is the way she killed her baby but there is so much to that…

She noticed the baby was floating after a while, checked and the kid was stillbreathingand so, the wicked young mum, pushed her baby back inas ifthe child was a chicken being dressed and left the scene.

Wickedness does not hurt the wicked hearted nor does it cause pain to the one whose mind is engulfed with evil. She said, ” I didn’t feel any pain killing her, because I was desperate.”

She shamelessly left a note for her sister, friends, and pastor. She said one irresponsible man, Folarin Yusuf was the irresponsible father of the child who failed to claim ownership of the pregnancy and did not take care of her child till her murder.

The Nigerian State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department of the police service has commenced investigations into the crime. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

If you are not ready to give birth as aladyor father a child, stay away from sex. It is not meant for enjoyment outside marriage. It is for producing babies.

Mothers with unwanted babies.

Source: NewsGhana24 | Wisdom Hammond

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