Satirically Sarcastic: Nsawam Prison Signs 3 top NDC Players for 16 Years Jail Term

Former NCA Boss, Baffoe Bonnie And Another Jailed For Causing $4m Financial Loss To The State

Getting political appointees with a lot of illegal earnings jailed is a rareoccurrencein Africa, but in Ghanatoday, people have taken to social media to release tension by way of satirically sarcastic headlines after the court sentenced three persons to a total of 16 years.

One of the rather funny headlines that engaged my attention was “NsawamPrison Signs 3 topNDCPlayers for 16 Years” Like seriously? Should theNDCwin the 2020 elections don’t be surprised to see satirically sarcastic headlines on social media like “NDC starts an all-expenses-paid jail term for NPP gurus”.

For a while I got confused with the title “NsawamPrison Signs 3 topNDCPlayers for 16 Years Jail Term ” then I realized the satire aspect of the title. Itlookedlike afootball headline in the first instance.

But come to think fit, politicians hardly jail their own people. In the near future, when the tables turn, the title will surely turn. The next National Democratic Congress (NDC) in May 2019 revealed throughAkwasiAgyemanBoadialiasZubathreatened to send some prominent persons to jail should it win the 2021 elections in December. She mentioned names like former (CID) boss COPMaameYaaTiwaaAddo-Danquah. AkwasiAgyemanBoadi’s comments can be likened to someone losing a fight and telling his opponent…”If you like let me get up and you will see”…

Sometimes it is difficult todistinguishbetween political victimization,genuinequest toprosecuteoffenders andset the record straight.

Making it more satirical, one may say, their sign-in fee was $4m financial loss they caused Ghana.

Theirindividual contractswithNsawamPrison are s follows

EugeneBaffoe-Bonnieadditionalsign-on fee of $200,000 for six (6) years

William MatthewTettehTevie– five (5) years

AlhajiSalifuMiminaOsman – five (5) years

Can you imagine the mix of criminal trials clothed in political victimization that will rock us in the future? Thistit for tat will not end soon.

The $4m scandal which caused financial loss to Ghana has some family friends in the current administration which will surely lead to the signing of more players for the Nsawam prison years to come. The NDC has some 103 scandals on record against the Nana Addo led government. Below is the list…

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