2 Surprises likely shockers on WWE RAW if Horsewomen threatened another NXT invasion

It is hard to argue that while SmackDown is scheduling a huge show following Crown Jewel for WWE Superstars, what actually happened was not too bad to be fair at all. The NXT invasion has received positive reviews from individuals on FOX who are not usually so kind to RAW or SmackDown.

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In fact, it means that this last-minute changes often aren’t a bad thing. And I sincerely believe what ever the original RAW plans might have been, to accommodate what transpired on SmackDown this week, it needs to be shuffled.

Let me list five upsets that might occur the show with all this in mind. Feel free to measure up your argument below and let me understand what your fantasy might be.

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#1 Velveteen Dream confronts Seth Rollins

Since his defeat to The Fiend, Bray Wyatt, most fans have asked where Seth Rollins is headed next. The prospect of a heel turn has been raised as the crowd does not seem to be in Seth Rollins ‘ perception of being a babyface. This is not for his own blame because for a multitude of other unlucky reasons, Seth Rollins does the best that is given to him.

Could we see The Velveteen Dream appearing on RAW when he gets down into the ring and envisages his future and take him on in a single match to demonstrate who the top dog really is? Both men are amazing workers, and they’re sure to have stronger ring synergy than two guys like The Miz and Ciampa have done lately.

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# 2 The undisputed ERA covers the OC

The fact that Gallows and Anderson are Crown Jewel’s’ Ultimate Tag Team in The World’ will eventually contribute to some major development of plot down the pipeline.

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Shane McMahon’s gimmick has been best because, after his victory in Saudi Arabia, he was nicknamed the’ Best in the World’ and went with this for weeks as the top heel on SmackDown. Now visualize Gallows and Anderson boasting in the middle of the ring as you hear the phrase “Shock the System”

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In many respects, the Undisputed ERA vs. the OC is a fantasy feud and one can definitely do anything like that playing out on RAW as a precursor to the 2019 Survivor Series. The’ smart fans’ who have switched sides to the comp is something.

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