Woman loses all life savings as her Tinder match turns out to be a scammer

Woman loses all life savings as her Tinder match turns out to be a scammer

A woman lost all of her life savings after her Tinder match tricked her into investing in cryptocurrency. Read on to know what exactly happened.


  • A woman was duped of lakhs by her Tinder love match.
  • The scammer assumed a fake identity on Tinder.
  • The woman lost Rs 4.5 lakh.

Meeting someone and expecting that to blossom into something real isn’t unheard of these days. Platforms like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc have millions of users, all looking to find a romantic partner. But we often tend to forget that at the end of the day, the people that we meet on a social platform, especially dating apps, can’t be trusted that easily since they are strangers who have their identity guarded by such websites.

In yet another mind-boggling incident,a 42-year-old woman lost her life savings when her Tinder match turned out to be a scammer.

Woman lost USD 100,000 to Tinder match

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the woman, named Rebecca Holloway, was just recovering from a divorce after having a messed up second marriage. The woman, a mother of three kids, was thus in a vulnerable state and had believed that she had found love yet again in her Tinder match.

She met the man in March on Tinder and he had told her that he is a French businessman named Fred. However, Fred had never met her in person and was reluctant to show his face on video calls. He would primarily stay in touch with Rebecca via text and the woman believed that their relationship was blossoming into something special. ‘Looking back, the signs are so obvious. But at the time you want to believe it’s real’, Rebecca told the Daily Mail.

She added, “Single women approaching middle-age are so vulnerable. We have money, but we might not have met the right guy yet. And suddenly this good-looking man starts talking to you and you’re excited.”

To further strengthen his case and make Rebecca trust him, ‘Fred’ told her that he had a daughter and was living in Philadelphia. Over time, as the pair’s ‘relationship’ developed, Fred began telling Rebecca about his cryptocurrency investments and eventually persuaded her into investing in the same.

He first cajoled her into investing $1,000 to a fake cryptocurrency platform and Rebecca earned USD168 on her initial investments. Initially, Rebecca could take her earnings and transfer them to her bank account which made her trust the platform, and Fred, even more.

She then invested another $6,000 and her returns continued growing. Eventually, she invested her entire life savings, amounting to $401,000 (USD 100,000) on the platform and couldn’t transfer it to her bank account.

She also told the Daily Mail that she only realised that she had been scammed after a friend told her about the recent spike in such cases.

Bengaluru woman gets scammed by Tinder match

Last month, a similar case of being scammed by a Tinder match was reported in India. A 37-year-old woman, working for a private firm in Bengaluru, accused her Tinder match of duping her of Rs 4.5 lakh. The scammer made the woman fall in love with him and had told her that he is living in UK and is coming to India to meet her. However, it was all a ruse and the woman was tricked by the scammer into depositing the money. The woman then approached the police in hopes of recovering her money.

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