We shall ban political activities in the Assin land; if they fail to fix our roads – Residents

fix our roads

We shall ban political activities in the Assin land; if they fail to fix our roads” this is the warning from the residents of Assin Brofoyedur in the Assin Central Municipality who have lamented over the poor road network in the area which has led to rampant deaths of pregnant women.

According to the residents, the road that links Assin Brofoyedur to Assin Akropong had been in a deplorable state for decades now, and all efforts to bring it back to shape proved futile.

The residents told the media that due to the deplorable state of the roads in the area; pregnant women do give gave birth on their way or died before getting to health centres.

The drivers also lamented over the manner in which successive governments have neglected them.

“We have mounted a lot of demonstrations to draw the attention of the authorities but nothing has done as of now.

We are fed up with the empty promises from our Members of Parliament and the Municipal Chief Executive. They have failed us.,” they lamented.

The aggressive drivers stated that the politicians only visit them when it is time for election time.

The residents made expressed these grievances when the Network for Assin Development together with media toured some of the parts of the Assin communities to ascertain some of the challenges confronting the people.

The President of the Network for Assin Development Mr. Adobah, who interacted with the residents noted that 90 percent of the roads are in a deplorable state which needs urgent attention in order to halt the rampant deaths of pregnant women in the area.

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Mr. Adobah hinted that bad roads in the area have increased maternal mortality, a situation he describes as very worrying. Road crashes in the area have also increased due to the deplorable state of the roads in the area.

This he said politicians always tour the region to campaign and pledge to reconstruct the roads but fail to fulfill their promises.

According to him, government officials in the area intentionally cut sod to prove as if the government has awarded the road contractors.

This he said, they only embark on these exercises to cajole the people in the area.

“We have been crying to successive governments to respond to our plights but they turned a deaf ear to our grievances.

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The only choice left is for us to is to boycott or ban political activities in the land when it is time for an election,” he stated.

The Network for Assin Development urged the government to invest more in road infrastructure in order to facilitate development and growth in the country.


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