Ghana’s sad state in 10 Tilapia Da Cartoonist artworks

Ghana's sad state

Ghana’s sad state in 10 Tilapia Da Cartoonist artworks shows the ills of society, politics, and leadership. The artworks give a vivid reflection of things that are currently happening in Ghana.

Sadly, the artworks by Tilapia Da Cartoonist paint no positive image of the country.

This art depicts the sad end of Kaaka, who shared his views on the current state of his community and Ghana with the aim of championing development at the grassroots. He chose to be a citizen and not a spectator, but he is gone.

Ghana's sad state in 10 Tilapia Da Cartoonist artworks


This artwork depicts the seriousness with which Ghana, led by the government, took the death of George Floyd. The same is not been done for our own people.

Power rationing or Dumsor in Accra now a Christmas carol

Floods everywhere…both government and the people are guilty but the biggest blame goes to leadership.

A call for the government to fix everything wrong in the country. The police without a bulletproof vest, bread delivery vans as bullion vans, Fire service personnel visiting a burning residence in tax with fire extinguishers…What is wrong with this country.?

Education Watch suggests 5 key points Gov’t should consider before 2021 school reopening

Ghana’s sad state, are these artworks a true reflection in the minds of the right-thinking members of society who have no party affiliations?



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