Afia Schwarzenegger Spits fire on Charter House, We see reconciliation coming

The ever popular and controversial Afia Schwarzenegger is the latest to condemn the Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy gun incident at the 2019 VGMA. The celebrity tagged  Charter House as incompetent for allowing a civilian to sneak in a gun into an event aimed at celebrating 20 years of Music.

She holds the view that it is nothing but incompetence at the Charter House that has led us into this disgraceful moment which was live on National Television and the world over. Afia is also of the view that the level of unprofessionalism has also contributed to the fracas and thinks organizers must be blamed for what happened.

Afia Schwarzenegger said she was shocked and cannot comprehend how they allowed a civilian into the auditorium with a gun on him.“20 years of incompetence and corruption….The only one to blame is Charter House.”

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According to her, the act endangered the lives of all in the auditorium. How did someone sneak a gun to such a place? She quizzed. Afia revealed that she was not at the event because she does not sit with incompetent people (Charter House). In her view, Stonebwoy was proud of pulling the gun.

In a related development, the Ghana Police has invited the two musicians for interrogations on the matter just as predicted in an article [ 2019 VGMA: Stonebwoy Pulls Gun On Stage and clashes with Shatta Wale – VIDEOS & PICTURES] a few minutes after the incident that the police will act.

Stonebwoy and Shatta have been at each other’s throat even days before the event was held and after the incident trying to justify their part of the story. Stonebwoy has also issued an official press release apologizing for his role in the act that, would have turned bloody on the night if care had not been taken.

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Organizers of the event Charter House have also issued a statement indicating, they will work hard to find the root cause of the incident and ensure the person is dealt with. There is also a rumour in town that, Charter House has banned the two from the VGMA. cannot confirm the truth in this but, if it is true, Charter House will be making a big mistake by taking such a decision at a time they are yet to get to the bottom of the matter.

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NewsGhana24 foresees the following.

  • The hate between the two: Stonebwoy and Shatta will be gone forever after these investigations.
  • We may have a peace song or concert collaboration between the two
  • They will forgive each other for the hurt they caused themselves and the nation.

Let us all cross our fingers and see if these events will unfold.  

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