WASSCE General Guidelines on Oral English Examination

Oral English Examination

Oral English has become an important aspect of the WASSCE English language examination. Knowing the basic rules and titbits about it increases your chance of doing well.

Below are some pieces of advice on Oral English for all students preparing for the WASSCE.

  • listen carefully and attentively to the tape recorder and focus on the work at hand
  • Go with the tape recorder neck to neck. Don’t allow the tape/Recorder to go ahead of you)
  • Read the options that you are to shade before the tape recorder finishes the examples in any test

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Others are

  • Don’t assume any of the tests is difficult so notes the procedures for each test.
  • Practice the exercise for every test and don’t forget what each test requires you to do.
  • Don’t let go of or forget a particular word or sentence until you have identified the correct answers among the options
  • Make sure you concentrate throughout the test. Don’t allow anything to take your focus away from the audio or tape recorder.

The rest of the Oral English  exams advice include

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  • Do not attempt to answer questions which the tape recorder had already gone past. This will reduce you to miss a lot more.
  •  If you want to erase and change an answer or do any other thing, during example(s) time or at the of the paper.
  •  Make sure you shade on the answer sheet quickly and brightly instead of the question paper.

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Oral English Examination can be fun and easy if you follow these rules.


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