WASSCE 2021 Trial Questions for History Students

WASSCE 2021 Trial Questions

As students prepare for WAEC examination for school candidates, we share with you WASSCE 2021 Trial Questions for History Students.

Attempt to solve these questions and others related to the topics from which these questions were sampled.


The Trial Questions for History Students


Q1. Outline any five reasons for the survival of the Ancient Ghana Empire.

Q2. List any three items used by cloth weavers in the pre- colonial Ghana.

Q3. Outline three disadvantages of the colonial economic policy on Ghana.

Q4. Mention any three articles of trade Ghana exported to North Africa before 1800.
Highlight four problem faced by Ghana traders during trans- Saharan trade.

Q5. Outline any five problems which were encountered by Christian Missionaries in the hinterland.

Q6. Highlight any five importance of legitimate trade to Ghana.

Q7. Identify any five problems created by the mining industry colonial period.

Q8. What five factors led to the coup d’état of Generalneral Col. Acheampong in December 1983.


We hope these WASSCE 2021 trial tests were useful. Do well to work on questions you were not able to solve very well.

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