WASSCE 2021 Trial Questions for Business Management Students

WASSCE 2021 Trial Questions

As students prepare for WAEC examination for school candidates, we share with you WASSCE 2021 Trial Questions for Business Management Students.

Attempt to solve these questions and others related to the topics from which these questions were sampled.


The Trial Questions for Business Management Students

1(a).Explain the Following formation of law of agency
(b).State four duties of an agent to his principal

2(a).State three rights of both the principal and agent
Explain Globalisation
(b).State four causes of Globalisation

3(a).State and explain four effects of Globalisation

4(a).Explain the following as related to insurance contract
Insurable interest
Proximate cause
Outmost good faith


WASSCE 2021 Trial Questions for Business Management

5(a).State and explain four importance of insurance to the businessman
(b).State four ways by which an insured may not be compensated

Q6(a)..State three essentials of a valid contract.
(b)..Explain the following terms:
(i)Void Contract;
(ii)Voidable Contract;
(iii)Unenforceable Contract;
(iv) Consideration.

Q4a.Distinguish between decentralization and departmentation.
(b)List and explain four basis of departmentation.

Q5a.Outline six items contained in a business plan.
(b)Explain three reasons for the failure of small businesses.

Q6a.What is risk management?
(b)Explain the following terms used in insurance:
(i)endowment policy;
(ii)fidelity guarantee policy;
(iv)proposal form.

Q7.Identify and explain five qualities of a good tax system.

Q8a.Explain the term decision-making.
(b)Out line six steps in the decision-making process.
(c)State the level of management decisions.

Q9a.State four characteristics of partnership.
(b)What is controlling?
(c)Distinguish between a manager and an entrepreneur.
(d)Give four reasons for control


We hope these WASSCE 2021 trial tests were useful. Do well to work on questions you were not able to solve very well.

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