WASSCE 2021 Trial Questions for Physics Students

WASSCE 2021 Trial Questions

Students prepare for WAEC examination for school candidates, we share with you WASSCE 2021 Trial Questions for Physics Students.

Attempt to solve these questions and others related to the topics from which these questions were sampled.


The Trial Questions for Physics Students

1. (a) Differentiate between plane polarization and interference as applied to waves.

(b) List two uses of polaroids.

2. (a) State two factors which affect the mass of elements deposited during electrolysis.

(b) List two non-electrolysis.


3.When a lead-acid accumulator is fully charged, the evolution of gases occurs at the electrodes. Name these gases and the respective electrodes at which they are given off.

4. A force of 40 N is applied at the free end of a wire fixed at one end to produce an extension of 0.24 mm. If the original length and diameter of the wire art., 3 m and 2.0 mm respectively,

Calculate the: (a) stress on the wire; (b) strain in the wire.


5.A stone is projected vertically upward with a speed of 30ms1 from the top of a tower of height 50 m. Neglecting air resistance, determine the maximum height it reached from the ground. [g = 10 ms−2].

6.(a) List two examples each of substances with:

(i) low viscosity;

(ii) high viscosity.

(b) When is a liquid said to be viscostatic?.

7. State one reason each why cathode rays:

(a) are not electromagnetic waves;

(b) cast sharp shadows of objects in their path;

(c) can rotate a light paddle wheel inside a discharge tube.

8. An X-ray tube operates at a potential of 2500 V. If the power of the tube is 750 W, calculate the speed of the electron striking the target. [e = 1.6 x 10−19 C; mass of electron = 9.1 x 10−3 kg]

9. (a) Write down the names of two particles used in explaining the wave nature of matter.

(b) State the wave characteristics which are exhibited by the particles named in (a) above.

10. (a) State the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

(b) The product of the uncertainties in Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is equal to or greater than a constant. State the mathematical expression for this constant.

11. (a) Distinguish between perfectly elastic collision and perfectly inelastic collision.

(b) Sketch a distance-time graph for a particle moving in a straight line with:

(i) uniform speed;

(ii) variable speed.

(c) A body starts from rest and travels distances of 120, 300, and 180m in successive equal time intervals of 12 s.

During each interval the body is uniformly accelerated.

(i) Calculate the velocity of the body at the end of each successive time interval.

(ii) Sketch a velocity

Trial Questions for Physics Students

12. (a) Explain the terms: (i) inertia; (ii) inertial mass.

(b) List three factors that affect the rate of evaporation of water in a pond.

(c) Two ice cubes pressed together for some time were found to stick together when the pressure was removed. Explain this observation.

(d) Two vertical capillary tubes of the same diameter are lowered into beakers situated at the same level, containing liquids A and B of densities 9.2 x 10^2 kgm−3 and 1.30 x 10^3 kgm−3 respectively. A suction pump is used to withdraw air from the top of the liquid columns in the tubes by means of a T-piece arrangement until the liquid in A rises to a height of 26.0 cm. Calculate the height of the liquid in tube B.

13. (a) State two factors that affect the angle of deviation of a ray of light through a triangular glass prism.

(b) Seven virtual images of an object are formed when two plane mirrors are inclined at an angle 0 to each other. Calculate the value of 0.

(c) By means of a ripple tank, a student could generate series of transverse waves by varying the frequency of the dipper and all the waves so generated covered a distance of 0.80 m in 0.2s.

(i) Determine the speed, v, of the waves.


We hope these WASSCE 2021 trial tests were useful. Do well to work on questions you were not able to solve very well.

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