WAEC Raises Result Fraudsters Alert!!!

The West African Examination Council – WEAC has raised the alarm on Result Fraudsters in the country. The renowned examination body has cautioned the general public and students to be circumspect in dealing with such scammers.

In a post on the council’s website, they alerted the general public on the illegal activities of persons who introduce themselves as staff WAEC and claim to be able to have poor results metamorphosed into excellent grades.

Their claim that they have access to the WEdatabasease and are connected to top WEAC officials makes people fall for such scams.

These fraudsters contact candidates and inform that, they can upgrade their bad results and grades for them. Instead of students studying properly by burning the midnight candle, they fall for the easy way out. It is possible that some parents and guardians also connive and condone with such persons as well

The least such persons charge is GHS500 per subject and that depends on the grade one has per subject and what the final upgrade should be.

The criminals request that interested individuals make payment via mobile money for the service.

The West African Examination Council has therefore informed the public to be careful and not deal with such persons because its database is properly secured.

This implies that result fraudsters and their accomplices cannot break into the data base of WAEC. The general public, educational institutions and industries have therefore been charged to ensure that, they verify results and certificates submitted by those who submit them for admission, jobs and other related reasons with the WEAC. Contacting the council directly for verification of results and certificates purported to have emanated from them will help verify their authenticity.

All falsified results can be detected with the help of WAEC even if WEAC result fraudsters alter your result and make you believe they have accessed the properly secured database.

Many lazy students and candidates who have failed the council’s examination have fallen victim to such WAEC Result Fraudsters while many students who should have gone back to write the WASSCE NOV/DEC to better their grades have contracted these criminals who only alter results for such persons to gain admission into the university.

However, verification/ confirmation by these institutions only reveal the true results of such persons and leads to them been rusticated or evicted shamefully from the university.

Many have over the years had their pictures, names and other personal details published in the newspaper due to this. Fake results will last for a moment, but the disgrace that it comes with when you are caught and the time and money you waste obtaining will be wasted.

It is time, to ensure that, no one falls prey to these illegal activities of these result fraudsters and that begins with students taking their studies seriously to make the right grades. Reporting such persons to the police will also help deal with these dubious result fraudsters in our society.

In a related development, GES has indicated that the 2019 BECE cut off point will be aggregate 25. This means every candidate must sit up and study to make it to the SHS.


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