Man caught trying to penetrate a pupil in an uncompleted building

A video circulating on social media shows a young man who was caught by an elderly man before he could do the unthinkable to the pupil. The incident happened in the Komenda in the central region.

Per the information we have gathered, the young man is said to have lured the pupil into the uncompleted building to have sex with her.

Some people believe the man is likely to be a teacher but our investigation so far has revealed that he is not a teacher.

Characters such as these in our society must not be given the slightest chance to operate.

The alleged culprit was caught by one Kwaku Bonsam, an elderly man in the community. The old man haven caught him in the act seemed to be questioning him as to what he was trying to do to the pupil. He could not respond.

In the video, the young man is seen squatting with his back touching one of the walls of the bathhouse within the building to give him the needed balance while he was trying to force the pupil to sit on him.

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He begged the old man through non-verbal gestures and seems to be telling him something, however, his voice was faint. The gestures from the old man seemed to request the man to free the pupil and get up.

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This is very bad and the Ghana police and other government agencies under whose jurisdiction such matters fall must act now to help apprehend this alleged teacher no matter where he is in Ghana.

DOVSU and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) must help in this regard. The Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) has also sighted this video and condemns the act. This act amounts to the violation of the right of the girl child which must be protected at all times.

The Twist in the story so far…

This sad twist to this case is that a reliable source has revealed that, the old man after recording and sharing the video, took the suspect to the municipal commander to get him detained but, he was advised to let sleeping dogs lie. The old man was not satisfied with the suggestion hence he took the case to the regional level but was arrested and detained but was released yesterday, 24th July 2019.

It is not really clear why he was arrested and detained.Newsghana24.comwill keep you updated on this however, all government agencies and Civil Society Organizations working to ensure the rights of children, women, and girls are protected and respected must continue to champion this cause so as to provide the needed human rights-based social protection services.

The necessary actions and processes must be triggered to arrest the culprit so that he faces the law.

Children in school need to be protected against such persons. Schools, headteachers, edupreneurs who own schools and teachers must champion the crusade of zero tolerance for sexual abuse and all manner of abuses including emotional abuse and torture in our schools. Children and staff must be empowered to report bad nuts parading in our communities and sexually abusing our children.

Teachers also need to be counseled on how to help detect such things; children must be encouraged to report such people as well.

There is a need for schools, teachers, and parents to be alert and pick critical signals that show any form of child abuse and take the necessary action.

There are many such people in our society and not only in the education sector. The earlier the law gets hold of them, the better for our society.

Ghana is battling with increased teenage pregnancy and currently,5 girls are impregnated every 4 hours in Ghana, child molestation, defilement, rape and other damming social vices and abuses meted out to children in the country need to be curtailed.

The law must deal with this gentleman to deter like-minded persons who are fond of or would want to take undue advantage of children to abuse them sexually.

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