23 thoughts on “UEW Revised 2019/2020 2nd Semester Calendar Out, MOODLE to drive rest of the semester

    1. I didn’t even know there is online lectures going on because I have been offline for a while. This online program will not be helpful at all because many people that do not have access to the internet will be left out.

  1. In fact this online examination will not help those in a remote areas where there is no electricity and no network. We can’t even upload the assignment given to us in online how much more quizzes and end of semester exams the executives should revise their decision

  2. Dear ones, please if you could respond to this news , then it means you have access to internet. Once you can use your phone to browse online, you can hot spot on your computer , attend lectures and write your exams.
    I am doing an online program outside Ghana and that is what I do during Lectures or exam sessions.
    I believe that the university is trying to help students to meet up to expected graduation period and avoid prolonging the academic year,even international students who had to leave Ghana because of the pandemic will also benefit from this brilliant idea.
    I personally plead with all students to support and cooperate as much as possible with the university authority and the Ghana education service.
    My submission please.
    Thanks .

    1. You are right madam. But I am confuse. Does that mean student will be writing quizz and exams while there note are with them?
      Will the students be seen while writing quizz and exams?. Does that mean there wouldn’t be any invigilator? What happens to those in areas where the network is weak?

  3. Hi Esther…
    We applied as regular students.. If we were comfortable with e-learning then I think we would have applied for that as well.. As a colleague has rightly stated above some of our friends are in remote areas and cannot access the LMS.. Even those staying at Accra, we most at times face network problems.. So all we are saying is the school management should reconsider this whole issue for the benefit of all..

  4. Dear readers/ listeners.
    I have now go through your comments and no one has made any mistake per the response because in this world everything that you do has positive and negative side effects.
    However, the person taking the decision must consider how positively the decision taken is affecting the general public. if the percentage rate is higher than the negative side then it is considered to be a good decision.
    On a more serious note, I was also commenting on how this new system will affect our brothers and sisters who are in the villages and are experiencing a severe network problem, the visually impaired, and those who are having a problem with I C.T as a whole.on these factors, the system may seem not to help.
    Additionally, I ended up asking my self that as a student do you have to sit down for this number of months without knowing your status since you can predict when the pandemic is going.student could bear in agreement with me that, learning without any hope is very bord and besides learning in the house as a tertiary student is some times difficult a bit. .our parents have already plan on how to work together with our best fees. The General Tertiary Educational calendar is changing.
    To crown it all, my dear brothers and sisters in the University, I suggest we all should all swallow the difficulties and then finish the semester, please.
    My submission.
    Thank you.

  5. I could not finish my M.Ed. thesis because of certain social hindrance in 2018. I wonder if I could be hooked to this online lectures to enable me finish the work with my Supervisor .I am very humbled and gratefully.

  6. Please I think this whole issue of online examination is very complicated.I suggest we continue the online learning as they are saying and postpone the examination till we resume so that we can use two weeks to write the exams before we start the academic for that very semester because some of us will find it difficult in the online examination due to various reasons

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