Turkish fiction series Magnificent Century makes Ottoman empire history

Turkish fiction series Magnificent Century has been one of the most popular shows amongst the masses worldwide. The show is based on the history of the Ottoman Empire, highlighting King Suleiman Khan and his relationship between his two wives, sisters, children, and mother.

The series encompasses and depicts the power-dynamics within the Ottoman Empire and shows how greed alone destroys the family unit. It also shows how the King conquered many regions during his reign and throws light on the type of relations it had with the neighbouring countries, further and beyond.

Fierce yet determined, King Suleiman himself shares a strong bond with his family members and between other individuals of the Empire. With each individual fighting for his attention, trying to win his heart and gaining his trust back, seemingly a lot of people get killed along the way. The political corruption amongst his family members, the temptation to occupy the throne and the intersection of romance and love ultimately determines the fate of each individual.

Turkish fiction series Magnificent Century 

In the series, Helit Ergenç starred as King Suleiman. Whereas, Nur Fettahoğlu and Meryem Uzerli were seen acting as his first and second wives. Actresses Deniz Çakir and Selma Ergeç were entitled to do the role of his sisters and Nebahat Çehre as his mother. Mehmut Günsür was featured as his son from his first wife, whereas Gürbey İleri, Pelin Karahan, Aras Bulut, Engin Öztürk and Tolga Saŕitaş as his children from his second wife Hurrem. Burak Özçivit who played as one of his loyal council members remained the star of the show as daughters of both King Suleiman and his sister would fight over him.

The story would continue and become rather more relevant and interesting with the release of each new episode. Interestingly, all it’s episodes are being uploaded to Facebook and Netflix too for everyone to enjoy and see in their leisure time, making it even more popular than before. 
By Dr.Ayesha Mughees

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